From: Spencer Eccles
To: Wayne Niederhauser, Margaret Dayton, John Valentine, Pat Jones, Lyle Hillyard, Mark Madsen, Allen Christensen, Gene Davis, Howard Stephenson, Curtis Bramble, Peter Knudson, Scott Jenkins, Karen Mayne, Luz Robles, David Hinkins, Steve Urquhart, Ralph Okerlund, Stuart Reid, Daniel Thatcher, Stuart Adams, deidremh, standoc10, Wayne Harper, Evan Vickers, Weiler, Todd, jim.dabakis, Jerry Stevenson, Aaron Osmond, Kevin Van Tassell,
Subject: Senators - Transition
Date: Thu Jun 05 16:03:58 MDT 2014
This morning around 10:00, you will see an official 
announcement regarding my transition out of the 
Governor's Office of Economic Development later this 
month but I wanted to ensure that I thanked you prior to 
that going public. Since taking over GOED nearly five years 
ago, I have been honored and humbled to have worked 
with each one of you and those experiences have left a 
deeply important impression on me for which I am 
Together we have faced a lot of dragons, but we have also 
experienced incredible successes. Think back to where 
you were and how you felt in 2009. The business 
environment was saturated with uncertainty, which had a 
cascading effect on everyone In our state and throughout 
the world. It was in this environment that we worked with 
Governor Herbert to set a clear vision, 
Utah will lead the nation as the best performing economy 
and be recognized as a premier global destination 
This was a bold statement, but together, we both 
individually and collectively, can now say that we have 
achieved many goals associated with this statement and 
that we are clearly on the right path. I believe that going 
forward, we will not just maintain our momentum but that 
by continuing to work together we will continue to accelerate and lead. 
Please know how deeply grateful I am to you for the 
friendship and for the opportunity that I have had to work 
shoulder to shoulder with you. Although I am leaving my 
current role to go back to the private sector, this is not 
goodbye, it is simply turning the page to the next 
chapter. My father, the eternal optimist, has always told 
me "the best is yet to come" and I fully believe this for 
each of us and for the people of our great state, the best 
truly is yet to come. 
With sincere gratitude, 


Spencer P. Eccles
Executive Director
Governor's Office of Economic Development
60 East South Temple, 3rd Floor
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
Ph.     (801) 538-8769
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