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Subject: Keeping Kids in School and on Track
Date: Thu Jun 05 15:18:14 MDT 2014
June 5, 2014

Keeping Kids in School and on Track

By Jennifer Ginn, CSG Associate Editor


A report released this week by The Council of State Governments Justice Center details more than 60 evidence-based recommendations on how states and communities can make their schools safer and help students succeed. "The School Discipline Consensus Report" is the result of a three-year effort involving a 100-member working group comprised of experts in the field of school safety, behavioral health, juvenile justice, social services, law enforcement and child welfare.



Use Sound Science Guide to Evaluate Information

By Rebekah Fitzgerald CSG Program Manager for Energy and Environmental Policy


Policymakers today have no shortage of information when considering a specific topic or legislation. Supporters and opponents both use a wide range of information when arguing a position, and it is not always easy to tell if that information is based on sound science. CSG's new publication,  A State Official's Guide to Science-based Decision-making,  aims to help policymakers evaluate that information to make the best decisions possible.



The Federal Role in Transportation

By Travis Rawlings, CSG Graduate Fellow


With the federal Highway Trust Fund set to run low on money this year and the country's transportation infrastructure in a constant state of deterioration, some transportation observers are again debating the future of the federal role in transportation. Speakers at a recent CSG Policy eCademy had differing views on the direction the federal government should take going forward. 



Dental Hygiene Therapists 

Help Fill Dentist Shortage

By Anna Hartkemeyer, CSG Graduate Fellow


Maine this year became the third state to pass a bill allowing dental hygienists to become dental hygiene therapists. Alaska and Minnesota are the only other states to have this mid-level dental care provider. Dental hygiene therapists will be able to practice in Maine and receive reimbursements from Medicaid and all other insurance carriers after Oct.1, 2015. The new legislation will be discussed in an eCademy on oral health care from 2 to 3 p.m. June 11. The eCademy also will consider the impact of the Affordable Care Act on oral health care in the states.


U.S. State Credit Ratings


Postal Service may be 

Source for Highway Funds


A Recap of Compact 

Center Projects


Electric Vehicles Still 

Rely on Burning Coal


Vermont Expands Access 

to Prekindergarten


Missouri Ends Food Stamp 

Ban for Drug Convictions


Learning to Read Critical to Economic Sustainability 


Two Supreme Court 

Qualified Immunity Wins



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