From: Sutherland Institute
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Is religious freedom losing to same-sex weddings in Colorado?
Date: Wed Jun 04 19:38:43 MDT 2014

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The irony behind forcing Colorado baker to make cakes for same-sex unions

Hello Sen. Scott,

Will Utah be next?

Last week, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission ordered a bakery owner to make wedding cakes for same-sex marriages.

One irony of this is that Colorado law, approved by voters in 2006, provides that the state will not recognize same-sex marriages. So, what the state is forbidden to do, private business owners are required to do.

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Insights from the Sutherland team
Even things forbidden will be compulsory
Colorado does not recognize same-sex marriages, yet a bakery owner has been ordered to make wedding cakes for "gay" marriages.

The #YesAllWomen non sequitur
Here’s what I don’t get. I agree with much of the sentiment behind #YesAllWomen. I think all women, or darn close, are subject to sexual objectification and harassment. But what does this have to do with the killings in Southern California?

Culture of traffic laws is upside down
Traffic laws are nearly precise metaphors for freedom. Driving without these laws would be unsafe – anarchy. But too many traffic laws begin to impinge on our personal liberties. In many real ways, driving is an exercise in freedom.

The next broken Obamacare promise
Obamacare’s “promise” of free preventive health care, such as checkups, screenings and immunizations, is turning out to be something less than accurate.

The new American religion
As I’ve watched the continuing decline of American culture and the rise of progressivism, I have searched for words to describe this transfer of culture. One author calls it “utilitarian hedonism.”

Sutherland statement on judge’s marriage order
Judge Kimball’s decision that Utah must recognize same-sex marriages already performed here is disappointing because it rewards judicial overreaching. Our system is weaker when judicial gamesmanship is not kept in check.

Feeling skeptical of projections for 36 years out?
Some have been calling for “smart growth” policies to preserve quality of life in Utah. But does the basis for this approach to public policy make any sense?

Win for public prayer, and freedom, at Supreme Court
In the May 5 U.S. Supreme Court decision City of Greece, New York v. Galloway, the court saved public prayers in legislative settings and, in doing so, reminded Americans that freedom transcends modern progressivism.
On Point video: views from Utah women in politics
Watch as our panelists for this episode discuss Utah politics, divisions within conservatism, Benghazi, and the choices that women in politics must make.
Economic forecast: optimism or doom and gloom?
Economist John H. Makin seeks to explain the current “feeble expansion” and project its prospects for growth in the next year. His prognostications are decidedly less optimistic than those reported in various news outlets.

Read with caution: Why ‘The Law’ lacks context today
The Law, appropriate for 1850 when it was written and even 100 years later, now fuels the modern appetite for selfish individualism and justifies selfishness as doctrine.
To understand YWCA’s report, read it backward
America needed the YWCA in 1858, when the Industrial Revolution challenged traditional family structures. But later the YWCA went from a charitable refuge to a politicized advocacy group.


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