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Subject: The FTC's Data Broker Report: Waiting for Godot?
Date: Wed Jun 04 14:34:20 MDT 2014

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The FTC's Data Broker Report: Waiting for Godot?


 By Thomas M. Lenard


Published in The Hill on June 4, 2014



The FTC's recently released report on data brokers is, by my count, the fourth major government report in the last two years to propose new policy remedies for privacy "harms." Yet, like its predecessors, it fails to actually find these harms. The best the Commission can do in the most recent report is point to "potential risks" from data brokers, advertising that "some consumers may find troubling," and marketing classifications that "may be disconcerting." Although the report describes in detail many benefits from data brokers, evidence of actual harms due to their activities is apparently difficult to uncover or, more likely, nonexistent.





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