From: Gloria Totten
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Today's Webinar: How to Talk about Budgets and Taxes
Date: Wed Jun 04 13:30:49 MDT 2014

Dear Scott,

Persuadable voters are very conflicted about budgets and taxes. This year especially,  because they've been hammered by the economy, voters can pretty easily be taken in by conservative anti-government arguments.
Progressives have an effective counter-argument if we explain it well. It's about fairness—fair taxes and fair budgets. To put across this argument, we have to include a sharp populist contrast: right wingers favor the rich while progressives favor the middle-class and working Americans. 

What: How to Talk about Budgets and Taxes
When:   Wednesday, June 4 @3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific
This webinar will feature some new, eye-opening polling research which illustrates both the problem and the solution. Dial in, ask questions, participate in the debate.
Join our webinar today!

Gloria Totten

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