From: Michael Breen, Operation Free
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Historic Moment for Climate Security
Date: Mon Jun 02 15:19:38 MDT 2014

Operation Free. Mission: Secure America with Clean Energy

 Hi Scott, 

Operation Free has long advocated for robust action to combat the security threat of climate change. Today, we applaud the White House's historic announcement to place the first ever limits on carbon pollution from the nation’s existing power plants.

From rising sea levels to increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events such as droughts, floods, and storms, the effects of climate change are already exacerbating security risks abroad and threatening our military installations here at home. 

Share this graphic and show your support for this historic action to combat climate risk.

These limits will curb emissions and create the opportunity to revolutionize our power sector with cleaner and more secure sources of energy, like wind and solar, and to invest in more effective and efficient uses of that energy. 

This is an important decision that will strengthen our national security and ultimately send fewer of our men and women in uniform into harm’s way. The consequences of inaction are too great to ignore and today, we proved the United States is ready to lead the world in addressing this issue head-on. 

Share this graphic and show your support! 


Michael Breen
Fmr. Army Officer

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