From: Morning Consult
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Morning Consult Energy Sunday Edition: Court Ruling Could Complicate Meeting EPA Rules
Date: Sun Jun 01 18:00:29 MDT 2014



Court Ruling Could Complicate Meeting EPA Rules


By Emily Holden (@emilyhholden)


The Obama administration is poised to unveil landmark environmental regulations this week to substantially slash carbon emissions. But experts say recent legal uncertainty over how the federal government can incentivize big power users to consume less energy could slow the growth of technologies states might use to meet the forthcoming rules. 


In May the D.C. Court of Appeals threw out an order from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that required participants in the energy-saving “demand response” programs to get paid the same rate as electricity producers.

The 2-1 decision from the federal appellate court ruled that FERC doesn’t have jurisdiction to require equal payment for demand response providers. Experts say the case could be in the courts for years. That could discourage growth in the nascent demand response and smart grid industry—which policymakers have hoped could be a key tool for cutting carbon emissions. Grid planners are already relying on demand response to balance electricity needs and keep prices from rising substantially in times of high demand as more and more coal-fired power plants are shutting down. READ THE FULL STORY.



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