From: Jeremy Peterson
To: Jeremy Peterson,
Subject: Mr. Peterson's Perspectives: May 2013 Update
Date: Thu May 29 21:37:48 MDT 2014

Hello Everyone,


It's time for a political update.


I was priviledged to sit down this morning with a handful of my legislative colleagues and have breakfast with Senator Mike Lee.  If was a very insightful and interesting conversation.  We discussed political dynamics in the U.S. Senate, policy issues important to Utah, and got to know Senator Lee on a more personal basis.


I continue to do Legislative work despite the end of the General Session and the looming campaign season.  The Courts invited me to participate in a work group starting in June to discuss a top to bottom review of the Commissioner system in the District Courts.  State Senator Todd Weiler and I will be the legislative stakeholders sitting on that committee.  It should be an interesting discussion.  We will be forming policy recommendations for legislation to be presented for the next General Session. 


Due to constituent feedback, I have also opened a bill file dealing with veteranary business regulations and clarifying confusing language in our current law. 


Now, here are the most recent blog posts for your consumption:


1.  2014 General Session:  Fewer Bills Passed…Sort of - CHART.  Check out the trends.

2.  Mr. Peterson's 2014 Voting Record - PDF.  The proof is in the pudding.

3.  The American Bailout Culture - When something-for-nothing comes back to haunt us.

4.  Citizen Policing: Ogden PD's Cyberwatch Program - When the community cares more, the police are needed less.

5.  The Poverty Cycle:  Facts From Utah's 84401 Zip Code - Troubling…but there is hope. 

6.  WSU Tracy Hall Science Building Groundbreaking - VIDEO.  Check out President Chuck Wight impersonating Mr. Wizard with some high explosives. 


If you have any legislative issues or concerns you would like to see addressed, please don't hesitate to contact me.


If you want to donate to my re-election campaign this year, please make a contribution to:


Peterson For Nine

2227 Jefferson Ave.

Ogden, UT



Let's continue to make Utah a great place to live!


Best Regards,


Jeremy Peterson

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