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Subject: The Pushback on Pence
Date: Thu May 29 21:28:47 MDT 2014

Quick Clip - Issue 13

May 29, 2014

Just over a week ago, Indiana Governor Mike Pence announced his Medicaid expansion plan for the Hoosier state. Pushback from many conservative and libertarian policy analysts was swift. Pence defended his plan at AEI, calling it a Medicaid alternative, but as policy experts dig deeper beyong the rhetoric, they're finding his plan discourages work - and creates a new entitlement for able-bodied adults, and is nothing more than Medicaid expansion.

Multiple expansion states are dealing with the onslaught of new Medicaid enrollees and the costs are beginning to stretch state budgets to the breaking point. Will Indiana be next? If Pence continues down his current misguided path, it could cost Hoosiers millions, not to mention Pence's 2016 White House dream.

ObamaCare in the States

Already, more than half of the state exchanges have been scrapped or are near collapse. Will Rhode Island be next?

Some of the earliest supporters of the President's signature health care law were labor unions. Now, as many of them are being forced to absorb the higher health care costs for their members, some are preparing to strike.

Oregon - The Beaver state continues to be the model of what not to do when it comes to state exchanges. Not only is the FBI investigating the $300 million debacle, reports surfaced this week showing the former director Bruce Goldberg, (who resigned two months ago) is still collecting over $14,000 a month in compensation.

Missouri - Barnes-Jewish Hospital in Missouri has begun charging a co-pay to uninsured patients, regardless of their income level. ObamaCare reduces the payment levels to hospitals, and the decrease in revenue is encouraging some hospitals to cut back on their charity care.

More on Medicaid Expansion

Nevada - In just four months, (taxpayer supported hospital) University Medical Center (UMC) has been forced to borrow $45 million to cover the costs of newly eligible Medicaid patients.

Montana - The Montana legislature chose not to pass Medicaid expansion, but that won't stop Democratic Governor Steve Bullock from trying another option to sway voters and lawmakers to expand welfare. The state is looking to hire a "visionary" who has the "unique ability to transform a concept into a workable and deliverable program."

Washington - The community's largest low income health care provider will no longer accept new Medicaid patients. They're not only refusing new enrollees, but the Vancouver Clinic will begin cutting back over the next three years on the services they provide to existing Medicaid clients.

What's New at FGA?

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