From: Ric Cantrell
To: Senate Republicans, Senate Democrats, Senate Staff,
Subject: Re: Warning - Your Password is about to Expire
Date: Thu May 29 03:30:52 MDT 2014
Ignore. Greg Johnson will get back to us with instructions. The exception would be if you need to log in to for anything (for most of us, that¹s rare). Have a great week. On 5/25/14, 8:07 PM, "Utah-ID " wrote: >Ric Cantrell > >Your network password will expire May 29, 2014 at 02:06:38 > >Please change your password before this date to avoid losing access. > >To change your password, use the UtahID account maintenance page at > >Also, to insure you are able to successfully recover access to your >account if you forget your new password. Please check your account's >information at Please enter either >an 'Alternate Email Address' and/or a 'Cell Phone Number'. > >For help with changing your password, view the instructions posted here > > >For help updating your contact information, see the instructions posted >here > >Thanks, >The DTS Desktop Support and UtahID Teams. > >Note: This is a computer generated email message. For help with any >problems related to your password expiration, please go to the DTS >website at and click on 'Get Help'.