From: Anna Allen
To: LH MEMBERS, Senators,
Subject: Interim Highlights-May 2014
Date: Wed May 28 22:51:30 MDT 2014

Dear Legislator,


Attached is your copy of the May 2014 Interim Highlights newsletter. This month many committees discussed assigned Master Study Resolution items and long-term planning issues.


Also, as we are now publishing the newsletter only as an electronic document, we have added some features to improve access:

·         A click on the committee name in the table of contents on the first page will bring up the report for that committee;

·         The committee name at the top of the committee's section is a link to that committee's web page;

·         References to bills and draft legislation link to those documents; and

·         References to Utah Code sections link to the code.


For your reference, and to share with constituents, current and prior editions of the newsletter can be found at


We welcome your comments or suggestions as we continue to work to improve Interim Highlights to better provide useful information for you.




The Interim Highlights Staff

Office of Legislative Research & General Counsel

(801) 538-1032