From: Isaac Holyoak
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: How are we doing?
Date: Wed May 28 16:03:20 MDT 2014

Alliance for a Better UTAH

Dear Scott,

What you think matters to us. That's why we've created an Annual Supporter Satisfaction Survey to better assess how we are performing as an organization.

Your answers to this short, 12-question survey will give us important feedback to improve our efforts. You can take the survey by clicking here.

Not convinced you should take five minutes to complete our survey so we can get even better at what we do? Here are three more reasons:

  1. We're a lean, efficient organization that can't afford fancy consultants (plus, we'd rather your opinion over their opinions any day).
  2. Taking multiple choice surveys satisfies your sense of nostalgia for your college days (without the pressure of making a grade).
  3. You'll be entered into a drawing to win one of our new bumper stickers (like I said, we're a lean machine).

Click here to take the survey.

Thank you for your time in taking this survey. Your feedback is essential for helping us improve our efforts.


Isaac Holyoak
Communications Director 

Alliance for a Better UTAH
P.O. Box 521847
Salt Lake City, UT 84152
801-893-ABU1 (2281)
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