To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Why the Murder Capital of the Country Disbanded Its Police Force
Date: Wed May 28 12:28:03 MDT 2014

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States Relax Medicaid Eligibility for Former Foster Kids

Eleven states are extending a provision of the federal health law to avoid punishing former foster kids for pursuing jobs or schools in other states.

How Much Can (and Should) Government Protect People from Natural Disaster?

By letting citizens live in vulnerable places even after disaster strikes, governments plant the seeds for future disasters.

Cities Stop Covering Retired Workers' Health Care

After much pushback from unions, big cities like Detroit and Chicago are now making their retired employees get health care on the exchanges or through spouses.


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The amount New York City spends on each of its students, which is more than any other large public school system in the country.

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Public Officials of the Year 2014

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May 28, 2014

Can a New Police Force Turn Around One of the Nation's Most Violent Cities?

It’s too soon to say if Camden, N.J.'s controversial and unprecedented move to disband and merge its police force with the county’s will reduce crime. But so far, it’s showing promising results.


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After Runoffs, Texas Tea Party Stronger Than Ever
Son Serving as Dad's Running Mate in Governor's Race
Why Are Past GOP Donors Backing Jerry Brown Now?
Is Business Failure an Advantage in Politics?
Report Gives Detroit an Estimate to Fix Its Blight Problem
How Philly Got Better About Collecting on Back Taxes
Health & Human Services
Some Worry Minneapolis Housing Is Too Restricted to Poor People
Infrastructure & Environment
Obama Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan Unclear, Will Let States Make Many Decisions
Feds Pay People to Leave Vulnerable Areas
Christie Admin. Seeks to Repeal Greenhouse Gas Regs
State Parks Pushing People to Buy Passes
Public Safety & Justice
Supreme Court: States Can't Use IQ to Decide Executions
The First Big City to Make Cops Carry a Heroin Antidote
Suspended Los Angeles Teachers Will No Longer Have to Report to 'Teacher Jails'
Cloud Computing - the Path to Increased Efficiencies and Cost Savings for Government Agencies

Cloud computing is undergoing rapid adoption by government agencies. Deciding which cloud model offers the best fit depends on the critical nature of the workload and how security and compliance requirements will be handled. Whether a cloud is public, private, or a hybrid, the key to success is creating an appropriate infrastructure in which all resources can be efficiently utilized and shared.
Read the paper here.

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The Benefits of Being a 'Necessary City'

Cities aspiring to prominence on the global stage are overlooking a key economic development strategy.


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