From: Utah-ID
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Warning - Your Password is about to Expire
Date: Wed May 28 02:07:01 MDT 2014
Scott Jenkins Your network password will expire May 29, 2014 at 02:06:33 Please change your password before this date to avoid losing access. To change your password, use the UtahID account maintenance page at Also, to insure you are able to successfully recover access to your account if you forget your new password. Please check your account's information at Please enter either an 'Alternate Email Address' and/or a 'Cell Phone Number'. For help with changing your password, view the instructions posted here For help updating your contact information, see the instructions posted here Thanks, The DTS Desktop Support and UtahID Teams. Note: This is a computer generated email message. For help with any problems related to your password expiration, please go to the DTS website at and click on 'Get Help'.