From: Deborah Herron
To: Deborah Herron,
Subject: More Than 42,000 Hired In First Year Of Veterans Commitment
Date: Tue May 27 23:59:01 MDT 2014

Utah Leaders -

As we remembered our nation’s servicemen and women this Memorial Day weekend, we wanted to share what our company is doing to honor our nation’s heroes. 

As you may remember, last year we launched the Walmart Veterans Welcome Home Commitment. The commitment, launched last Memorial Day, guarantees a job offer to any honorably discharged veteran within his or her first 12 months off active duty, and we project we will hire more than 100,000 veterans in five years.

We’re proud to let you know of the more than 42,000 veterans we hired, over  449 are veterans in Utah. 

Captain Steve Smith is just one of those success stories. Even with 25 years of military service and experience commanding teams of hundreds, Captain Steve Smith couldn't find a job after coming off active duty. Recognizing the value in his leadership experience, Walmart hired Steve as a Developmental Shift Manager. Watch his story HERE.

The Walmart Foundation also announced it is doubling down on its commitment to veterans by pledging an additional $20 million through 2019 to support veteran employment and transition programs. In 2011, the Walmart Foundation pledged $20 million through 2015 to help veterans and their families get through those challenges with assistance from programs that provide job training, transition support and education. It met that goal one year early.

We’re proud to be the top private employer of America's veterans, and we will continue to live up to our commitment to give those that have served our country an opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their families.  Please let me know if we can answer any questions and feel free to share this information with others in your community.

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