From: REMI Announcements
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: REMI Webinar: Technical PI+ Series
Date: Tue May 27 19:54:55 MDT 2014

Technical PI+ Series

REMI Webinar Series


REMI is pleased to introduce a series of presentations geared toward both existing users and those with a technical interest in our models. These presentations will dive into various topics with the goal of improving the attendees' understanding and usage of the models. During each session, ample opportunity will be given for Q&A and comments.

Session 1: Building the National Forecast
Each REMI model ships with a standard national control that drives the forecast for every county. While user-adjustable, this forecast is the product of careful construction using established methodologies. This presentation will examine how REMI builds its national control.

Tuesday, June 17 or Thursday, June 19
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Session 2: Compensation and Wages
Many important issues of the day, from immigration reform to minimum wage, include changes to the prevailing wages. REMI models include concepts of both wages (monetary remuneration) and compensation (wages and benefits). The behavior of these variables, and thus their economic effects, differ. This presentation will explore each concept, its interactions, and its reasons for use.

Tuesday, June 24 or Thursday, June 26
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Session 3: The New Commuting Equation
When people live and work in different regions, they play two economic roles. As producers, they mainly contribute to the region of their employment, while as consumers they contribute more to the region where they reside. The commuting equation in the models captures these connections. It has been recently updated to include more endogenous effects. We will discuss how the equation has changed and how these revisions impact simulations.

Tuesday, July 8 or Thursday, July 10
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Session 4: Income Inequality
Income inequality is at the center of a vigorous debate that ties together a range of critical issues, including taxation and government spending, student loans, and minimum wage. Modeling the changes in the incomes and spending of different quintiles presents a unique analytical problem. For this discussion, we will identify strategies and methods that are helpful in tackling this issue.

Tuesday, July 22 or Thursday, July 24
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Each session will last approximately one hour and will be offered twice per featured week. While participants need not attend all the sessions, we strongly encourage you to do so. We offer all presentations free of charge at 2:00 p.m. EDT/EST through the Citrix GotoWebinar web conferencing platform.


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