From: Cherilyn Eagar
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: The Days of Acceptable Christianity-Comfortable Catholicism are Done
Date: Sun May 25 11:02:19 MDT 2014
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The Days of Acceptable Christianity and
Comfortable Catholicism Are Gone

Watch a riveting and powerful address delivered by Robert George at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast.  Regardless of your religious preference, it is a call to action and he is speaking truth. 

Where do you stand?  Will you be silent?  Or will you stand as a witness of the Truth at all odds? 

Speaking Truth in cultures that are increasingly turning away from Truth will be increasingly difficult.  Will you be ashamed of what you believe?  Where do you stand?  Watch this video and pass it on!


God bless.


Cherilyn Eagar
President, American Leadership Fund
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