From: Matt Lyon
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Fwd: The Fight for Common Sense Has Begun
Date: Fri May 23 00:16:04 MDT 2014
The race for the fourth Congressional District is on!   We cannot send Mia Love to Congress!  Ending the Department of Education, applauding the government shutdown – she stands for partisan bickering and everything that is wrong in Congress. 
Doug is our guy, our candidate.  He is right on conservation, right on air quality, right on protecting the middle class.  He is hungry and in for the fight – I wanted to make sure you saw the news coverage and the campaign’s email below.
The seat is our seat.  It is a Democratic seat.  Doug is working the phones six hours a day to raise the funds he needs to win, and hitting the campaign trail the other 18.  Help me keep Mia Love in Saratoga Springs and send Doug Owens to Congress!

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From: Doug Owens < >
Date: 21 May 2014 13:14
Subject: The Fight for Common Sense Has Begun

May 21, 2014

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, I took the fight for common-sense solutions to my opponent in our first joint appearance. While I'll never engage in personal attacks of any sort, I won't hesitate to attack my opponent's record. Her extreme positions are dangerous for Utah.

Photo Courtesy of the Salt Lake Tribune

Every major news outlet in Utah was in attendance at the debate yesterday, sponsored by the Utah Taxpayer Association. Check out some of the headlines:

Doug Owens takes the fight to Mia Love in first joint event
First debate between Love and Owens turns confrontational
Owens repeatedly challenges Love in first debate
Love, Owens field questions from tax group
District 4 candidates spar on tax reform, education, land use and more at first public debate
Feisty first debate between Mia Love and Doug Owens
Love and Owens clash in first debate
Mia Love and Doug Owens face off in first debate


Last year's government shutdown hurt America’s economy and took a significant toll on families and businesses throughout Utah. More than 40,000 Utahns faced unpaid furloughs, including 75% of Utah National Guard employees. The shutdown cost our state's tourism industry $30 million. 

Weeks after the shutdown, my opponent joined other Utahns in showering Mike Lee with more than 10 minutes of applause for his efforts that led to the government shutdown. Not only did my opponent participate in rallying behind Mike Lee, she stood on stage with him and applauded his extreme tactics.

I see the government shutdown as a breakdown, not something to celebrate. Unfortunately,my opponent is driven by a national Tea Party agenda and appears to be less concerned with what's good for Utahns and their families. I'm driven by local concerns and local issues. We can't let Washington insiders and political extremists hand-pick Utah's new representative in Congress. Together, we can be a voice of reason and a voice of action - a voice that is true to Utah!

Utah voters need to know the truth about my opponent's extreme positions. Please support me in fighting for common-sense solutions by making a donation today! Your donation of $50, $100, $500 or $2600 helps me to get the message out that Mia Love and her tea party politics are wrong for Utah.

I cannot win this fight without your support.



Paid for by the Utah Democratic Party, authorized by Owens for Congress


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