To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Leading Democrat Cautions Democrat Doug Owens
Date: Thu May 22 15:50:21 MDT 2014
Dear Fellow Republican,

The dishonesty of Democrats has already started. This week, Republican congressional candidate Mia Love and Democrat congressional candidate Doug Owens faced off in their first debate. You could say that the debate was contentious, but that's to be expected, right? What we did not expect was the depth of deception by Doug Owens towards Mia, so much so, that fellow Democrat and moderator, Frank Pignanelli, commented in a Deseret News article …"that Democrats such as Owens need to be cautious in how they attempt to distinguish themselves against a better known Republican opponent…"  What that translates to is stop being fast and loose with the facts.

Owens continued his deception as he tried to define himself. He said he is for Utah but supports Obamacare, he trusts the federal government to manage Utah's public lands more than he trusts Utahns, and he prefers that Utah's children be educated by the federal government.

Because Mia disagrees with Owens on these issues, he pulls out the Democrat playbook, paragraph 1 page 1, "distract and distort – oh and name calling"; and accuses Mia of being extreme. (You can read the coverage of the debate from the Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune here: DesNews & SLTrib)

According to Owens, he believes you are extreme if you:
  • Believe Utah should have a greater say in how its lands are managed.
  • Think Obamacare is a government overreach.
  • Believe that education decisions should be made at the local level, not by bureaucrats in Washington D.C.
It's clear that Doug Owens does not trust the decency and common sense of Utahns, because he prefers the solutions critical to Utah come from Washington, D.C. – now that's extreme!

Working towards victory,


James Evans
Chairman, Utah Republican Party

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