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Subject: Teacher Dismissals Under New Evaluation Systems
Date: Thu May 22 15:08:27 MDT 2014

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► May 22, 2014
Brown Center on Education Policy
Teacher Dismissals Under New Evaluation Systems
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Russ Whitehurst expounds his recent research that finds classroom observation scores to be biased based on student ability, and examines whether teachers that were dismissed in the studied districts would have received substantively higher evaluation scores, and thus kept their jobs, if this bias had been statistically corrected. 
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The recent study of teacher evaluation systems by Russ Whitehurst, Matthew Chingos, and Katharine Lindquist, is highlighted by the Tampa Bay Times, the Fordham Institute Gadfly, and the TNTP Blog.

Whitehurst's Chalkboard post on studies of pre-k is quoted in an article about the impact of preschool programs on Seattle's KPLU. Whitehurst is also featured in a news segment about Georgia's preschool program on Atlanta's WSB-TV.

Beth Akers's recent Chalkboard post on student loan debt and home ownership is cited in an Atlantic article about the effect of student loans on the economy. 

Tom Loveless is cited in a McClatchy-Tribune op-ed calling for states to abandon the Common Core.

Loveless is also quoted in an Education Week post about this week's Education Writers Association (EWA) conference.


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