From: Better UTAH
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Hold the Recapture Canyon trespassers accountable
Date: Wed May 21 16:15:28 MDT 2014

Alliance for a Better UTAH

Dear Scott,

As you well know by now, earlier this month San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman led a band of armed protesters (including Cliven Bundy's son) on ATVs through Recapture Canyon to protest the BLM's land policies. In doing so, they broke the law.

But what they did was more than just illegal, they trampled on significant archaeological and ecological sites that are important for understanding the history and culture of Utah. 

Sign our petition to hold the trespassers accountable!

However, the BLM and US Attorney are yet to press charges. This is especially problematic because it appears the BLM isn't applying the law fairly.

Do you remember Tim DeChristopher? He was sentenced to two years in prison for an act of civil disobedience when he peacefully disrupted an oil and gas lease auction in Salt Lake City, Utah. DeChristopher broke the law and the BLM prosecuted him to the fullest extent of the law. What about Lyman?

The BLM is silent on Phil Lyman and his band of armed protesters, but you can help change that by signing our petition to hold the trespassers accountable.

The law should be applied fairly and uniformly.

Lyman and his group broke the law. They should be held accountable.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter,

Executive Director 

Alliance for a Better UTAH
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