From: Gloria Totten
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Progressive Majority Farm Team Members Make National Headlines
Date: Tue May 20 17:50:30 MDT 2014
Progressive Majority


Yesterday the Washington Post released a "40 Under 40" list of "the top 40 political rising stars who are under 40 years old." Two of our candidates made the list!

In 2010, Crisanta Duran became the youngest elected Latina legislator in Colorado's history. Crisanta has been an effective leader for immigrants' rights.In 2013 she helped enact a law making the in-state tuition rate at state colleges and universities available to all students who graduate from Colorado high schools, regardless of immigration status.

Representing Washington's 48th District in the State Senate, Cyrus Habib is the epitome of a trail blazer. Besides being a Rhodes Scholar, Cyrus is the first Iranian-American to be elected to state office in the United States!  He is also the first blind legislator elected in Washington in over half a century.  Cyrus has been a true advocate for jobs; this year he sponsored the Washington Jobs Act of 2014.

Crisanta and Cyrus are two of the brightest stars in our Farm Team, but they are not the only ones.  We need your help to ensure that other great candidates and electeds make the list next year.  Progressives are on the rise at the state and local levels, you can help by contributing today.  Every dollar you give will help progressive champions across the country.




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