From: Gloria Totten
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Our new progressive messaging book for candidates and lawmakers-FREE
Date: Tue May 20 13:30:44 MDT 2014

Dear Scott,

I’m sure you know, right wing groups spend millions of dollars on message framing and then send poll-tested advice to their candidates, interest groups and activists who persistently repeat that language, e.g., activist judges, class warfare, death panels, death tax, job creators, job killer, nanny state, personal injury lawyer, tax relief, union boss and values voter.

How should we answer this nonsense? With our progressive values!

The Second Edition of our messaging book has just been published. Click here to download a FREE PDF copy. Or if you prefer a printed copy, they’re available here on Amazon.

Voicing Our Values: a message guide for candidates and lawmakers explains how to persuade swing voters, arguing for both our candidates and issues. It addresses a wide range of domestic policies—from economic fairness, taxes and budget deficits to health care, education and the environment. And it doesn’t shy away from hot-button issues like reproductive health, marriage equality, immigrants’ rights, gun violence and voter ID. Throughout the book, suggested language is highlighted inside boxes to demonstrate what progressives should and should not say.

Learn how to give voice to your progressive values— download a copy of the book today.
Best wishes,

Gloria Totten

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