From: MarineD3
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Joint Pain Myth Exposed...?
Date: Tue May 20 05:52:26 MDT 2014

Joint Pain Miracle Contains 500% More
DHA Omega's Than Fish Oil

Amazing deep-sea nutrient discovered off South American coast
stops joints pain in days. Surprise: no smelly fish burps!

If you are plagued by aching and creaky joints, then this story will be a revelation to you.

In the deep, dark waters off the rugged South American coastline, scientists have discovered a new source of DHA Omega-3 that is up to 5 times more potent than regular fish oil.


This marine nutrient is NOT fish. It is NOT krill. It is NOT anchovy or mackerel. In fact, many doctors and medical experts have never even heard about it.


Yet, it is helping life-long pain sufferers like Julie from Ohio experience ache-free joints in a handful of days.


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Even more amazing, this breakthrough does not repeat on you like fish oil. It does not leave a stinky fishy aftertaste or cause embarrassing fish burps. It is also free from nasty toxins and poisonous heavy metals.  

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In this eye-opening video, you will discover how Julie finally found relief from her constant aches and stiffness in less than a month. You will also find out how you can help...

  • Soothe joint aches and pain

  • Release stiffness in your neck, shoulders and back

  • Relieve red, swollen and puffy fingers


And much more

If you want to help creaky, worn-out joints to spring back to life, watch this free video presentation now while it's available.  

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The Marine Essentials Team


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