From: Stuart Reid
To: Ron Gordon,
Subject: Judicial Confirmation Hearing
Date: Tue May 20 02:21:53 MDT 2014

Thank you for taking the time to speak to the Judicial Confirmation Committee on the selection process for judges. I appreciate your willingness to respond without prior notice.

At the beginning of our discussion, you suggested that it was not appropriate to ask Mr. McKelvie about the appointment process. You seemed to be addressing me with your admonition. Rather than counter the implication of your comments, I let it go. However, to clarify the record, I did not ask Mr. McKelvie about the process. I asked for you to come before the committee to explain the process because Mr. McKelvie seemingly had some of the highest peer ratings, yet he had to try three times before being appointed by the Governor. I did not ask for a comment by him on the process nor did he offer one during my time of inquiry and comment. That can be verified by listening to the audio recording of the committee proceedings.

On the other hand, Senator Hillyard did ask about the process and Mr. McKelvie did respond. Whether his line of inquiry about the selection process was appropriate is probably best left up to the committee to determine and in particular the committee chair. My observations and expressions of bewilderment with the process is completely in line with our legislative oversight responsibilities, particularly, if we feel it is flawed and needs to be changed.

Stuart C. Reid
Utah State Senate