From: Leslie McLean
To: Curtis Bramble, Allen Christensen, 'ltdmd, Wayne Harper, Deidre Henderson, Lyle Hillyard, Scott Jenkins, Aaron Osmond, Stuart Reid, Brian Shiozawa, 'howard, 'Kevin.VanTassell, Evan Vickers, Todd Weiler,
Subject: FW: Letter to Senate from Gov. Herbert regarding board appointments May 2014
Date: Mon May 19 18:40:37 MDT 2014


Please see the attached appointments for Senate consent this Wednesday, May 21!


I received the appointment email from the Governor’s Office while traveling (out of state).  I quickly forwarded these appointment to all Senators and Senate Staff for review via my iPhone.    Today, I discovered the forward from my iPhone failed on May 6.


If you have questions or concerns regarding an appointee, please contact the Committee Chair, President Niederhauser or Ric Cantrell.


Thank YOU.



See you Wednesday!

Letter to Senate May 2014.docx
Letter to Senate May 2014.pdf
Packet to Senate May 2014.pdf