From: Bonita Jones
To: CAPITOL HILL, Maurine Smith, Barbara Bloedorn,
Subject: Window Cleaning Schedule Change
Date: Mon May 19 15:20:36 MDT 2014
My apologies to the tenants in the Capitol who removed items from the window in preparation for cleaning today. The cleaning crew informed me this morning they have been delayed at the City Center one more day.

The Governor's office area will be cleaned tonight at 4:00 pm. Due to Interim on Tuesday and Wednesday, the remainder of the Capitol will not be done until Thursday/Friday.

Tomorrow, May 20th: SOB will be started at 8:00 AM (interior) and will run into Wednesday 21st. Please remove items from windows prior to 8:00 AM.

Thursday 22nd/Friday 23rd: They will start on the Capitol and continue into the East and West buildings. 

Tuesday 27th: All other buildings DUPM, Travel Council, White Chapel will be cleaned, and if needed Wednesday 28th.

Sorry for the change of plans and I apologize again for the preparation in getting ready for today's schedule.