From: Foundation for Government Accountability
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: GOP Governor Doubles Down on Medicaid Expansion
Date: Sat May 17 13:00:33 MDT 2014

Quick Clip - Issue 12


May 16, 2014


In last week's newsletter we asked if opposition to ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion could be a political winner for the GOP in midterm elections.  Even as evidence mounts against so-called innovative expansion plans like Arkansas' Private Option, some governors - such as Indiana's Mike Pence have decided to ignore the lessons and warnings from nearby states - and Medicare Trustees, and double down on Medicaid expansion anyway. 


On Thursday, Governor Pence unveiled his proposal to expand "Healthy Indiana." Despite its Orwellian name, it is ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion, and no, it's not conservative in the least.  


Our policy experts, as well as other think tanks and grassroots organizations are united in their disappointment in Pence's plan, and rightfully so. Governor Pence should follow the examples of Florida, Kansas, and Louisiana, and choose real reform instead. 


ObamaCare in the States



Missouri - Reports surfaced this week out of St. Louis highlighting more waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars for ObamaCare implementation.  How much would you pay to have employees play games and fall asleep at their desks when they're supposed to be processing ObamaCare applications?  


Arkansas - What will the political ramifications in 2014 be for legislators who supported the Private Option?  There are some important local races to watch which may have national implications


California - Many patients newly insured under "Covered California" are finding it more beneficial and more affordable to travel south of the border into Mexico to get the care they need.  They have insurance that they're mandated to buy, but they can't afford to use it. 


Failed exchanges in Massachussets, Oregon, Maryland and Nevada bring a hefty price tag of over $746 million.  That number pales in comparison to the overall cost for the exchange websites so far



More on Medicaid Expansion


Arkansas - Only a few months into the Private Option plan and Arkansas is looking for a bailout, and their state's Medicaid director has abruptly resigned.


Iowa - Don't fall for the thinly disguised "Iowa Health and Wellness" plan.  Just as in other states; it's nothing more than window dressing on Medicaid expansion.


New York - They're one of the twenty-four states that have expanded Medicaid, and like any gigantic government program, they're finding it difficult to monitor claims and stamp out abuse and fraud.  This week we reported that over $60.8 million was wasted on fraudulent claims in 2010-2011 alone, and this was before expanding their program.  Does anyone believe this number won't grow?  



What's New at FGA? 


Check out FGA's latest research and writings on Medicaid expansion and the impact of ObamaCare across the country.  


If you have a story or research aiding in our mission, we'd love to hear from you!  Contact us here.  


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