From: Scott Rogers, Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Louisiana 24th State to Pass Application for a Convention of States to Exclusively Consider a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment
Date: Fri May 16 21:14:39 MDT 2014
Yesterday, Louisiana became the 24th state, and the first state to unanimously pass an application for a Convention of States to exclusively consider a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 

The House passed the application on May 29th by a vote of 89 to 0. The Senate passed the application on May 15th by a vote of 36 to 0.


In just the past 8 months BBA-focused (single subject) Article V applications have been adopted in Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana.  The BBA Task Force now counts 24 state applications in hand, toward the 34 needed.


The BBATF, I Am American, and our coalition partners' goal is to reach the requisite 34 states needed to call a Convention of States under Article V to exclusively consider a BBA by June 2015. 


The following 14 states are the preliminary targets for the 2015 legislative cycle: AZ, ID, KY, ME, MT, ND, OK, OR, SD, UT, VA, WI, WY, and MT.  Funding of the legislator and citizen education on the benefits of a U.S. Balanced Budget Amendment will be very helpful in reaching our goal by 2015.



The Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force is a non-profit (501 C-4), non-partisan coalition whose mission is to educate state legislators and their constituents on their Constitutional power to propose and ratify a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that aims to quadruple family income and pay off the nation's debt within four generations.  
To learn more about our non-partisan national campaign for passing on the American Dream via a U.S. Balanced Budget Amendment, please contact Scott Rogers at 386-423-4744 or by e-mail at

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Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force
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