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Subject: What the World Needs Now is a Lot Less Poverty
Date: Fri May 16 21:03:11 MDT 2014
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Heard Around the World: Coal & Energy News
The world is increasingly turning to coal for low-cost, reliable power to improve standards of living and drive economic growth. This news compendium offers highlights on the importance of energy from coal around the world.

What the World Needs Now is a Lot Less Poverty
CO2 Science | May 14, 2014
In a News & Analysis published in Science, Kintisch (2014) discusses the most recent IPCC report, noting that it "is meant to be a practical guide to action," especially in regard to what the report identifies as eight major climate risks: coastal flooding, inland flooding, extreme weather, extreme heat, food insecurity, water shortages, loss of marine ecosystems and loss of terrestrial and inland water ecosystems. Interestingly, however, all eight of these threats already occur at various times and placed throughout the world and trying to prevent them is the height of folly.

The World's Biggest Environmental Killer: Indoor Air Pollution
Forbes | May 12, 2014
Political heavyweights such as Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon name climate change the “defining issue of our times” and “perhaps the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.” Yet, the biggest environmental killer we face is actually indoor air pollution.

The Coal Train Steams Forward
MasterResource | May 6, 2014

As the shale gale rumbles forward, the usual battles over renewable energy are continuing. At the state level, policymakers and lobby groups continue tussling over renewable portfolio standards. At the federal level, the White House continues its mindless support for the corn ethanol scam and Congress continues debating subsidies for wind and solar. But for all of the jousting here at home over natural gas exports and the virtues (or lack thereof) of renewable energy, the global energy story of today is coal.

Sacrificing Africa for Climate Change
Wall Street Journal | May 4, 2014
Every year environmental groups celebrate a night when institutions in developed countries (including my own university) turn off their lights as a protest against fossil fuels. They say their goal is to get America and Europe to look from space like Africa: dark, because of minimal energy use. But that is the opposite of what’s desired by Africans I know.

Carbon Tax Must Go: Solution to Energy Poverty Lies With Coal
Sydney Morning Herald | May 1, 2014
Former South Africa president Nelson Mandela said overcoming poverty "is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. It [poverty] is man-made and can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. You can be that great generation." Now is the time for our generation to act.

For the World's Poorest People, Cooking Is One of the Biggest Killers – We Can Change That
Huffington Post | May 1, 2014
The World Health Organization has estimated that every year 4.3 million people die from illnesses caused by exposure to smoke from cooking over coal, wood, dung or biomass stoves. This is more than the number of people dying from Aids, malaria or tuberculosis combined. The superfine particles created by burning wood, such as soot, stick in the lungs and create an environment for pneumonia, stroke, ischaemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer.

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