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Subject: The Next Faces of the Republican Party
Date: Fri May 16 17:06:21 MDT 2014
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Frank Donatelli, Chairman

The Next Faces of the Republican Party

By David Catanese
May 15, 2014

If the Republican Party is serious about expanding its appeal and restoring its ability to win national elections, it’s going to have to look a lot more like Amanda Pasdon.

The 33-year-old Georgia native is currently running for a third term as a GOP West Virginia House Delegate representing Morgantown, a district tucked inside such a Democratic stronghold she was once told directly by a county official her campaign was hopeless.

Yet four years after defying that dire warning, Pasdon has been embraced by top GOP officials as an ascending star – a potential future candidate for Congress and perhaps more importantly, a voice and face who can help broaden her party’s base by changing hardened perceptions about it.

As a young, ambitious, pragmatic, economically focused, socially moderate woman, Pasdon is just the type of candidate Republican leaders are eager to highlight and assist in the onerous climb to higher office.

It’s why she’s an honorary chair of GOPAC – a Republican organization focused on pinpointing state legislators with political talent and nurturing them for future runs for higher office. It also explains why the Republican National Committee has tapped her to help lead its women’s initiative in the Mountain State.

For now, Pasdon is a virtual unknown outside of her state’s tightly knit political circles. But this week she joined two dozen other lawmakers with grander aspirations from around the country at a GOPAC summit in New York to hone political tactics and foster relationships that will prepare her for her prime time moment.

These next generation Republican candidates-in-waiting are especially noteworthy because they’re keenly aware of the GOP’s broad-based brand problems and are attempting to fashion profiles and craft messages to remedy them. And they’re new enough to the process to bring forth a clear-eyed perspective, untainted by party committee-generated talking points and unburdened by not having an interest to protect the status quo.

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