From: Adrian Courtenay
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Protecting campuses requires intel, interagency cooperation, says UMPD captain
Date: Fri May 16 13:14:42 MDT 2014
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May 16, 2014


Protecting campuses requires intel, interagency cooperation, says UMPD captain


Robert Mueck

Universities and colleges have many of the same crime problems faced by the wider community. For at least one official, Captain Robert Mueck of the University of Maryland (UMD) Police, one of the best ways he's found to combat potential risks on campus has been through sharing intelligence and working with other law enforcement agencies.

Like any university, UMD has its share of crime, including crime that can be especially prevalent at universities. This can vary widely, ranging from fires set at major sports events to the presence of young radicals to animal rights activists that target research facilities. "We're not immune to anything," said Mueck.  More 

In the midst of one of the country's worst droughts in decades, firefighters, particularly smokejumpers, who often parachute into the worst kinds of wildfires at a moment's notice, are ramping up for a particularly challenging summer. It takes considerable training to fight many wildfires, sources tell Government Security News.

Just this week, dozens of wildfires ravaged about 10,000 acres in San Diego County, CA. The Colby Fire, near Los Angeles, burned about 2,000 acres recently before it was contained. These are just a few examples, some say, of increasing fire risks at a time when rain has been scarce across many U.S. states. To prepare for similar incidents, smokejumpers have been going through rigorous preparations to fan out some of the possible upcoming fires.  More

HD camera and video management specialist Avigilon has announced the addition of the Rialto video analytics appliance family to its product portfolio. The Rialto appliances provide real-time event detection and verification, enabling users to proactively identify any unusual activity that occurs in a monitored scene and take immediate action as necessary. Users can effectively lower costs and increase efficiencies, reduce on-site theft and vandalism, and provide real-time crime prevention to secure assets with this technology.  More 


Thomas Donilon

Washington-based O'Melveny & Myers LLP has announced that Thomas E. Donilon, former National Security Advisor to President Obama, has returned to the firm as partner, vice chair, and a member of the firm's Policy Committee. Drawing on his career in government and the private sector, Donilon will counsel senior business executives, entrepreneurs, and company boards as they develop strategies to address business, legal, and policy issues in the U.S. and abroad. A leading national security expert and advisor to CEOs and boards, Donilon brings to O'Melveny extensive experience in global strategy, cybersecurity, financial services, and corporate governance. He will reside in O'Melveny's Washington, D.C. office.  More    

Santa Rosa, Ca-based L-3 Sonoma EO has announced that it has successfully completed an end-to-end demonstration of its DragonEyes Tactical Overwatch Wide Area Airborne Surveillance System, flown on a Cessna Caravan. The demonstrations occurred in March 2014 in Sanford, N.C., and validated the system's ability to track dismounted individuals via an L-3 Communication Systems-West VORTEX data link.  More 


McLean, VA-based Exelis has introduced a wide area airborne surveillance system called CorvusEye 1500 that can capture color video from multiple views over a large area. The persistent surveillance system was developed primarily to support the needs of law enforcement, border patrol, first responders, and military, but could also be used in other areas, such as land management or the protection of wildlife and critical infrastructure. The CorvusEye system can track movement that may be connected to potentially hazardous or illicit activity, as well as other trends like migratory or invasive wildlife behavior.  More 

Ottawa, Canada-based Raytheon Canada Limited (RCL), a subsidiary of Raytheon Company, has been awarded a five year contract by Public Works and Government Services Canada for operations and maintenance of the North Warning System (NWS). The contract also includes two options totaling an additional five years.

Raytheon Canada Limited is contracted to provide operations and maintenance for the NWS and to assume full care, custody and control of the NWS and its components. This includes 47 radar sites, five logistics support sites, a monitoring and control center and a radar depot. RCL will be maintaining the sites to ensure continuous radar surveillance over northern Canada in support of the defense of North American and Canadian sovereignty. Raytheon Canada Limited partnered with Canadian Base Operations, in bidding for the contract.  More 

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