To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: How to Appeal to Millennial Voters
Date: Fri May 16 12:38:58 MDT 2014

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Why Government Should Help Poor People Get Bank Accounts

The former head of consumer affairs in New York City explains why helping the poor manage money more wisely would also help government manage their money more wisely.

2 Reasons to Be Upbeat About the Muni Bond Market

Although issuance is down, there have been a few good developments on the municipal bond front.

Tallin, Estonia’s Bold Experiment with Free Public Transit

The Eastern European city found a way to offer free rides to citizens for a small cost to government. The U.S. has tried it before. Will cities try it again?


News in Numbers


Number of votes by which high school senior Saira Blair defeated incumbent Larry D. Kump for the Republican nomination for the 59th District of the West Virginia House of Delegates.

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May 16, 2014

How to Appeal to Millennial Voters

Results of a new nationwide survey show Millennials’ attitudes on a range of issues. Read key takeaways from the report.


Today's Headlines from Around the Nation

Idaho Governor Backs Challengers to 5 Incumbents
Gay Marriages Halted Right Before They Were Set to Start
Federal Court Strikes Down Wisconsin Limits on Political Issue Ads
California Nonprofits Will Have to Identify Donors
Why Does Georgia's Governor Fly Around the State so Much?
Everyone Loves Brian Sandoval, Except Other Republicans
Michigan Legislature Considers Bills on Detroit Bankruptcy
Maryland Shortens the Window for Mortgage Debt Collection
Health & Human Services
Another GOP Governor Proposes Expanding Medicaid
Minnesota's Medical Marijuana Law Will Be Strictest
Public Safety & Justice
States and Localities May Soon Mine Personal Health Data to Find the Vulnerable in Emergencies
IBM's Next-Generation Smart City Solutions

With the launch of its next-generation smart city solutions, IBM has directed its thinking toward three main themes, which are tailored for cities, holistic in their execution, and interconnected. These are: Planning and Management, Infrastructure Planning, and Human Services.
Read the paper here.

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Virginia Governments Make Their Own 'Happy' Music Videos

Instead of Pharrell Williams and Steve Carell, the videos feature mayors, councilmembers, government employees and residents dancing to the catchy tune.


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