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Sparta Systems

Tracking Success

It’s been 20 years since Sparta Systems began on its path as an industry pioneer, evolving over the years through continuous innovation, and developing solutions and services that have made it the global leader in enterprise quality management software solutions it is today. Mohan Ponnudurai, Director of Industry Solutions for the company, talks about the evolution of quality management in the industrial sector, the role of their flagship software solutions and services in such, and why those managing quality today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Steve Engelhardt reports. 

Sparta Systems began in 1994, as a solutions provider for the life sciences market, with most of their impact being felt in the pharmaceutical industry. “At the time, there really were no tools available, and our company was created out of the need to fill a growing void,” says Ponnudurai, adding, “Beginning in the life sciences allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the kind of ‘top-tier’ quality management practices enforced by agencies like the FDA.” He says that over the years, however, he and his company recognized that many of the same product safety defects, deficiencies, and recalls occurring in the life sciences sector were also present in a bevy of other industries, although there was an absence of a “quality authority” to keep track and manage these issues like the FDA does for the life sciences industry.






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