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Save Money with MRI Accessories!

Increase the productivity and reduce the costs of you MRI scans!   



Want to help relax & entertain your patients or monitor patient movement during MRI scans to increase your imaging center efficiently?  

Read-on to learn more about our MRI patient monitoring system & sound system.   

Patient Monitoring System

The Safety & Movement Monitoring (SAMM) System is a revolutionary device that allows the technologist to easily monitor the patient while inside the bore of the magnet.  

A better view of the patient helps spot patient movement instead of having to repeat the exam.

We understand your obligation to reduce expenses and offer the best care possible to your patients.

MRI Sound Systems

The Sound Imaging Stereo System not only plays music for the patient but also allows communication with the technoligist or doctor during the exam.  

Creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for the patient will significantly reduce movement, thereby saving your imaging center time & money.

Don't waste any more time & money,

Contact Sound Imaging Today!!  


 Sound Imaging helps you see more, do more and expect more than ever before! 




"Since we started using the SAMM System, we've had many positive remarks from patients because it increased their comfort."

-Dr. Sardo, M.D.


SAMM System Features:

  • RF shielded camera with varifocal lens.
  • RF shielded signal cables.
  • 19" LCD HD monitor.
  • Non-ferrous camera wall-mount.
  • EZ-Install instruction guide.

Sound System Features:

  • EZ to use integrated controls.
  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Headphones w/comfort-soft cushions.
  • Push button desktop microphone.  
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