From: Bonita Jones
To: CAPITOL HILL, Maurine Smith, Barbara Bloedorn,
Subject: FYI: Window Cleaning
Date: Thu May 15 15:59:31 MDT 2014
Window cleaning at the Capitol Complex will begin on May 19th.

ALL BUILDINGS: Please remove any objects from the window area prior to 8:00 AM on Monday to avoid damage and give the cleaners a clear space to work in.

The INTERIOR windows of the Capitol will be cleaned starting at 8:00 am

Depending on time to complete, they will move into the East and West buildings INTERIOR later in the day and possibly into Tuesday.

SOB INTERIOR, will be started as time allows on Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday.

White Chapel, Travel Council, and DUPM will be cleaned Interior and Exterior Thursday and Friday.

All EXTERIOR windows will be cleaned during this same time frame starting May 19th - 23rd. Dependent on weather conditions.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
DFCM Maintenance 
801 538-1480