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Subject: New Common Core Series; Teacher Evaluation Report
Date: Thu May 15 15:47:18 MDT 2014

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► May 15, 2014
Brown Center on Education Policy
Implementing the Common Core:  A Look at Curriculum
teacher reading textbook

In the first post of a new series, Tom Loveless provides a conceptual framework for examining the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and applies that framework to look at the curriculum component of implementation.
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Evaluating Teachers with Classroom Observations: Lessons Learned in Four Districts

Our new report examines the design and performance of new teacher evaluation systems in four urban school districts. The authors provide several recommendations for improving the fairness of classroom observation scores and teacher evaluation systems as a whole.
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This week's new report on the classroom observation component of teacher evaluation systems, by Russ Whitehurst, Matthew Chingos and Katharine Lindquist, was highlighted by Education Week, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Deseret News, and PoliticoPro.

Beth Akers's Chalkboard post on the relationship between student debt and home ownership was cited by Vox and The Washington Post.

The recent study on income-based repayment programs by Akers and Chingos was highlighted in pieces on ABC News and the Huffington Post.

Tom Loveless is quoted in an Education Week article about America's stagnant scores on high school level NAEP exams. 

Loveless's 2012 study of the likely effect of the Common Core was cited in a Charlotte Observer editorial


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