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Date: Wed May 14 20:47:52 MDT 2014

Why New Movers are Important to your Bottom Line From Relevate

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May 2014


With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility

On May 1, 2014, the Executive Office of the President released a new report entitled, "Big Data: Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values." As highlighted within the report, before a company can win the competition, they must first enter the race, and entering the race comes at the price of data.

Get Ahead of Your Customer – Free Test!

In keeping with a 36-year-old tradition of providing products and services that facilitate growth, Relevate is proud to announce the release of its Pre Mover product. Pre Movers are active real estate sales or rental listings that represent consumers moving in the next 0-6 months.


Its name is "Big Data" but What Does it Mean?

When trolling the Internet for Big Data articles, the number of misconceptions surrounding the concept of Big Data is astounding. READ MORE

A Consumer's Guide to New Movers.

So you're getting ready to move. In the midst of packing did you ever stop to think about all of the digital marketing pieces that you receive on a weekly basis? READ MORE

The Heartbleed Bug Teaches the Importance of Data Security.

In the face of the Internet's latest version of an Y2K bug, otherwise known as the Heartbleed bug, we wanted to take a moment to discuss data security precautions. READ MORE

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