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To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Jordan River OHV Center
Date: Wed May 14 19:21:09 MDT 2014
Scott Jenkins,
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  Scott Jenkins @UtahGov

A new track is opening at the Jordan River OHV Center on Monday, May 26th:…

13 May

Jordan River OHV Center

Open from early spring to late fall, this area provides opportunities for riders of all abilities. Facilities include advanced and novice motocross tracks, beginner area, spectator viewing, and three-mile loop trail… @UtahGov

In calendar year, a person may collect/possess for personal use 25 northern sagebrush lizards…

12 May

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Woodhouse's Toad (Bufo woodhousii) N 3 9 C C C Eastern Indigo Snake (Drymarchon corais couperi) N/A N/A N/A N/A see section XVIII.B.2(g) Proteroglyphous Snakes: Austrailian spp, cobras, coral snakes, kraits and their…

Utah Cultural @utahculture

Utah Shakespeare Festival 2015

12 May

Utah Shakespeare Festival 2015

Cedar City, Utah: The Utah Shakespeare Festival recently revealed its 2015 season, eight exciting and diverse comedies, musicals, tragedies, and histories running from June to October at the Adam...


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Ric Cantrell @RicCantrell

"Everything must be done well, and everyone deserves respect for what they do." - Carl Galioto

13 May

Carl Galioto, on Sweeping Away the Negative Energy

An executive at HOK, the architecture and engineering firm, says it’s important to stay positive and focused, because “it lets you go ahead and get stuff done.”


Since 1962, #police officers have honored their fallen comrades during Nat’l #PoliceWeek. We thank those who protect our nation every day.

13 May



Love Like Jesus @LovLikeJesus

Where God guides, He provides.

13 May



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