From: Legislative Automated Email System
Subject: Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Interim Committee
Date: Tue May 13 20:42:54 MDT 2014
Committee page with related materials.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014 • 9:00 a.m. • Room 30 House Building

9:00-9:10 1. Committee Business

* Call to order
* Approval of the minutes of the November 20, 2013, meeting
* Invitation to visit Ashley National Forest - John Erickson, Forest Supervisor

9:10-9:25 2. Report on Public Lands Transfer Economic Analysis Schedule and Cost
Intent language in 2014 General Session S.B. 3 Item 98 requires the Public Lands Policy Coordination Office to provide a report on the schedule and itemized costs of a study and economic analysis evaluating the ramifications and impacts of the transfer of public lands from federal ownership to state ownership.

* Kathleen Clark, Coordinator, Public Lands Policy Coordination Office
* Committee discussion

9:25-9:30 3. Open and Public Meetings Act Training
Utah Code Section 52-4-104 requires the presiding officer of a public body to ensure that the members of the public body are provided with annual training on the requirements of the Open and Public Meetings Act.

* Review - RuthAnne Frost, Associate General Counsel

9:30-11:00 4. Long-Term Planning
Interim Rule 2-2-103 requires that each interim committee devote part of its May interim meeting to long-term planning for the areas over which the committee has jurisdiction. The Department of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Quality, and Department of Agriculture and Food will discuss
1. economic and demographic trends;
2. current, emerging, and future issues and challenges; and
3. plans to address the issues and challenges, including additional research needed, options, and potential legislation.

Interested parties are also invited to provide input on the areas listed above.

* Mike Styler, Executive Director, Department of Natural Resources
* Amanda Smith, Executive Director, Department of Environmental Quality
* Luann Adams, Commissioner, Department of Agriculture and Food
* Input from interested parties
* Committee discussion

11:00-11:35 5. Review of State Fairpark Financial Oversight and Performance
The committee will review (1) the legislative auditor's review of the state fairpark's financial oversight and controls and (2) the state auditor's performance audit of the state fairpark corporation. The committee will also discuss fairpark infrastructure, operations, ownership, and funding.

* Jesse Martinson, Audit Supervisor, Office of the Legislative Auditor General
* David Pulsipher, Performance Audit Director, Office of the Utah State Auditor
* Committee discussion

11:35-11:50 6. Report on State Fairpark Master Plan
Intent language in 2014 General Session S.B. 3 Item 37 requires the Division of Facilities Construction and Management to report on progress related to the development of the master plan for the Utah State Fairpark and the surrounding area. The master plan is to be completed by June 30, 2014.

* Joshua Haines, Director, Division of Facilities Construction and Management
* Kathy Wheadon, President, CRSA
* Committee discussion

11:50-Noon 7. Other Items/Adjourn