From: Morning Consult
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Morning Consult Energy Sunday Edition: Train Accidents Bring New Scrutiny, But Fixes Likely Slow
Date: Sun May 11 18:00:42 MDT 2014



Train Accidents Bring New Scrutiny, But Fixes Likely Slow


By Meghan McCarthy


The train derailment in Lynchburg, Virginia that spilled 30,000 gallons of oil into the James River earlier this month is the latest in a string of accidents that have increased scrutiny on the practice of shipping oil by rail.


The Department of Transportation sent the White House a package of rules regulating the transport of oil within hours of the accident, where they are still awaiting approval. That puts another tough political calculation in the White House’s court when it comes to balancing the need to transport oil and environmental safety. And with the railroads just coming out of a historically tough winter and facing some unprecedented problems, it won’t be an easy and fast fix. The oil produced from fracking needs to go somewhere, and it likely won’t wait for an entire fleet of rail cars to get updated. READ THE FULL STORY.



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