From: Robert Borosage, Campaign for America's Future
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: GOP Inaction on Medicaid Has a Body Count
Date: Sat May 10 16:17:19 MDT 2014

This is how bad it's gotten. Three children in Florida have no mom because of political obstruction.

There wasn't anything she could do about it. She had to go to work.  Three children ACTION

Stop the GOP Medicaid Blockade

GOP governors and legislators in 24 states continue to block the Medicaid expansion. Millions of the working poor who should have gotten coverage under the Affordable Care Act are going without.

Sign the Petition Against the Republican Medicaid Blockade.

The Partisan Political Body Count

Charlene Dill worked three jobs to support her children. Estranged from her husband and miles from her roots in Pennsylvania, she had to make it on her own.

Too poor to afford a private plan, she earned too much to qualify for her state Medicaid program.

Charlene collapsed in a stranger's living room selling vacuum cleaners on commission. Her 3-, 7- and 9-year-old will not see their mother anymore.

Governor Rick Scott of Florida won't expand Medicaid to cover poor working people in their state, even though the federal government will pick up the entire bill for the first three years.

Florida, like 23 other states, chose the fraudulent partisan assault on Obamacare over the health of their citizens.

On this Nurses' week, tell the 24 governors to put aside petty politics and expand Medicaid to cover low-wage workers.

Rick Scott never knew Charlene Dill, but he will know her name.

Who is next?

They are workers who take the early bus. They do the hard jobs others don’t want. They clean the streets. They mop the hospital floors and clean out the bed pans. They earn too much for their state Medicaid programs but far too little to purchase private coverage.

Sign this petition. We are better than this as a nation and as a people. We have stood up against injustice before and won. Together, we can do it again.

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