From: Giorgio Fabbiani
To: JTripathy, juhoward, jumana, JuMarshall, JuSwanson, juwang, jvandenbos, jvanmeter, jvanness, jvitale, jwade, JWalker, JWallace, jwarner, jwhitehead, JWingard, jwitzgall, jwolfendale, jyang, jyazman, jyuhas, kabbattista, kafreeman, kahanda, kastone, kaustin, kawalsh, KBall, kbarden, kbatten, kbattles, KBaum, kbazbaz, kbazemore, kbeale, kbeasley, kboakye, kboudreaux, kbrownawell, kbryant, kbumpass, kcamp, kcampbell, kcanter, kcarter, KCavanaugh, kcernak, kchannell, KClarke, KCrandall, KCrawford, KDawidowicz, kdelavan, kdorian, keadams, kearmstrong, kedavis, kehawkins, kesadams, kfair, kfarber, kfertakis, KFranchois, KFrascella, KFrazier, kgaertner, kgarcia, kgarrison, kglenn-haley, kgorham, kgraham, khairston, khaley, khall, khassett, KHearne, kianderson, KInman, kjanich, KKerttula, kkhajavi, KKumar, kkuyumjian, klandau, KLandon, klangsam, klawder, klazell, klogan, klovelace, kmadler, kmartin, kmatthews, kmazur, kmcalister, kmcclellan, kmcfadden, kmcgowan, koplanick, KPak, kpanther, kpatierno, kpayne, kramos, kramundo, krearick, KRiley-Sawyer, KSais, ksalat, ksalazar-thompson, KSaldana, ksampson, kschuerman, ksklaw, ksouza, kspratt, KStewart, KStratos, kstuart, ksubramanian, kswanson, kwares, kyarrow, labradshaw, LaGray, lake, lakhan, lalexander, landerson, landes, LArmstrong, lbaldwin, lbanda, LBanks, lbarat, lbarber, lbargeron, LBeach, lbhagwat, lblake, LBlanc, lboateng, lboccardi, lbutisbauch, lcahaelen, lcamp, lcarrier, lcarroll, Luz Robles, bmcadams, Gene Davis, Pat Jones, Karen Mayne, waddoups, rromero, kmorgan, Wayne Niederhauser, Aaron Osmond, Howard Stephenson, Daniel Thatcher, Mark Madsen, John Valentine, Margaret Dayton, curt, Peter Knudson, Stuart Reid, Allen Christensen, Scott Jenkins, Jerry Stevenson, Stuart Adams, Todd Weiler, Ralph Okerlund, Lyle Hillyard, Kevin Van Tassell, David Hinkins, coanderson, Steve Urquhart, abby.whitaker, abigail.waters, adam.weiser, adrian.villarin, adrian.young, adrienne.zotz, ahna.zumhingst, alex.tulkop, alex.vitryak, alma.wilson, alyson.turner, amanda.stepp, amanda.thornton, amanda.yates, amber.swartzell, ambre.west, amy.stuart, amy.vanbruggen, amy.whalen, amy.wilson, andrea.todd, andrea.vermeulen, andrew.swan, andy.stoelting, andy.turner, angela.stone, angela.sutton, angela.tocco, angela.warren, angela.woods, angela.youkon, angela.zimmerman, angelia.wiggins, angelica.tramill, angella.whitfield, anita.stephan, anita.thomas, anjanette.webb, anna.tome, annette.stevens, anthony.starks, anthony.williams, april.tubbs, april.uncapher, april.wulff, ariel.stringfellow, ashley.steffee,
Subject: I do not ask to judge what they have done but at least that the world know the truth
Date: Sat May 10 09:59:31 MDT 2014

I do not ask to judge what they have done

but at least that the world know the truth


transmitted worldwide


Altavilla (VI) Italia – 07/05/2014

document submitted 06/02/2014 letter to His Holiness Francis 00120 Vatican City

09.02.2014 hours 11,49 on the web to all regional commands of CARABINIERI and the regional offices RAI TV


Sorry errors I do not know English well.

To avoid the scandal, the panic and the collapse of the political and religious system the heads of the Church and of the institutions maintain the absolute silence (state secrets) on death of John Paul I and John Paul II  (have been killed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and Francis Pope pretends nothing) and the secret activity of the intelligent service U.S (satanism) for the human mind control: block of the memory, increase in aggression, alteration  of the capacity of judgment until the dementia (inability to comprehend what happens in the reality. It is a loss of the domain of the faculties that comes from  the sin: deformation of the spiritual substance. Is not understanding and not understanding do not to understand. Is undergo suggestions that ignite fears, fixations, anxieties and obsessions and bring to the unbelief, indifference and the violence toward themselves and others.) The cells of the mind do not generate insights, thoughts and reasoning but receive them from the soul under the influence of                   the spirit. The Satanists know it and invoke the devil to drag whoever they want (people and groups of people)                        to think, believe, wish and to do what is most convenient at their interests and dominate the world                           economic, political, scientific and military. It is not science fiction is reality. Three names:  CIA, George Bush, Silvio Berlusconi. As taught St. Father Pio only the daily recitation of the Rosary protects from the influence of the devil and permit to conquer and preserve the domain of the faculties.


How did I come to this knowledges is a long history that involves the American and Eastern European countries Secret Service. We say that after a series of unexplained events I did some researches over the human faculties, devil, sin and the sense of Christ Passion. A long history. A road full of pitfalls. A ordeal of tribulations and suffering that have directed me at the prayer and the study of the Jesus word (not of his disciples because they followed the Jewish tradition and suffered the influence of the malignant). After many difficulties I have discovered a important thing over the blood of Christ and I started to pray against all those who invoke the devil. I lived alone and no one was aware of my prayer and studies. One evening before the collapse of the Twin Towers I was approached by a unknown. He was a stranger and spoke very bad the Italian language. He recounted me that he had killed a man (throwing it into a cliff) and in his clothing he had find some documents that concern me. I did not understand what he wanted. Then he took off his watch, turned him over  and showing the imagine in the center of the lid (CIA) exclaimed three times: do you understand?  A warning. The mine researches had gave annoyance and they had decided to kill me. The man came to warn me was a agent of the East services secrets. I suspected something in the military environment. I did not think a involvement of the CIA in the occult sciences. Has been unleashed the Hell. In complete solitude and incomprehension a force began to act violently on my faculties to stop the researches and on those of the people they entered in contact with me to isolate and impoverish me. I have signaling all to heads of the Church, the institutions and the media. Silence. I went ahead several years in this way without receiving any response. At the end the 04/04/2011 I have deposited a complaint to the prosecutor's office of Brescia. I have not heard nobody. To make you understand the gravity give you an example. On 20/11/2010 I sent a web message to: 6200 Carbineer barracks and offices, 154 courts, 244 prosecutors, 113 prefectures, 1.060 stations and offices of the Financial Police and all harbors master. On 15/12/2010 all head offices of the State Police. I have not heard anyone. In these years I have handed out leaflets in Vicenza, Verona, Padua, Venice, Brescia, Bassano del Grappa, S. Severo, S. Giovanni Rotondo, Peschiera del Garda and written multiple times to the Presidents of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi and Giorgio Napolitano without receiving any response. Then I sent reporting to all Members of the chamber and the Senate,diocese and Church's institutions, monasteries, convents, university professors and researchers, national and foreign media and even the offices of the White House, U.S. State Department, the FBI police and Interpol. The only response I received is arrived from a Carbineer station on 28/11/2010: "You have discovered the hot water." It is clear that               in this situation I can do nothing and risk of passing for crazy. The truth themselves demonstrates. But if these criminals, through the devil, drag all people to the incredulity until the dementia to stop and prevent me from proving the truth what should I do to wake them up before  it's too late?


As the world follows the science and ignores the devil the criminals invoke him to do what they want. The peoples of antiquity were offering human sacrifices to obtain victory over their enemies, power riches and glory. Today are military, intelligence services, masons, industrial, mobsters and corrupt politicians to do the same thing. The strength of the boxer do not comes from his muscles but from his sins. The power of Nazism came from Satanism. Racial laws and death camps were the fuel. More sins, lies and death holocausts offering to the demon more dominated the minds and became powerful. No army in the world could stop them because their power was coming from Satan (in war does not remain alive the strongest, the fastest or the most cunning but one that has more sins. Is the Lord  that leaves in life the sinners to give the time to repent and to be saved from the eternal damnation before it's too late).  They are was the incessant prayers and sufferings of St. Father Pio to force the evil to abandon them and bring down the Nazis. Satanists today are more insidious because act secretly on the faculties of entire categories of people to ignite the minds and instigate wars at home than others. The collapse of the Twin Towers is one of them.  An action willed by the CIA to unchain a war in exchange for an economic recovery. The things are turned out differently because "someone" has discover that the blood of the live Passion of Jesus Christ has the power to destroy the deformations of the spiritual substance of the demons and has realized a prayer that takes away any power at the Satanists and not only. That's why they wanted to kill me. While the East service secrets were trying to understand who I was and what I was doing. Not only. As had to know the U.S. Secret Service who I was and what I was doing in the silence of my room the U.S. Secret Service? Simple: they have know from the devil. Other that secret agents, bugging, satellite technologies and UFOs. The devil is the more powerful weapon of the world. He has the full domain of the matter and the faculties of the creatures and can take any shape and appearance. Who invokes him knows everything about everybody and can acts simultaneously on their faculties. Only those who regularly recites the Rosary is immune to the narcotic action of these criminals. The collapse of the world economy, as I have anticipated from March 2008 to the national and international media and institutions, has an origin very precise, will be irreversible and will lead to III World War.


Jesus did not come into the world to bring a religion an ideology or a science, but the truth about on our condition of isolation by God: we are in exile on a planet dominated by evil spiritual creatures that become invisible to drag the men into the sin, inflict degrees of death to create to receive energy and extend its domain of death. “John 1, 5 [19] We know that we are of God and the whole world lies under the power of the evil one”.” Mat. 8 [30] At some distance from them there was a herd of many pigs to graze, [31] and the demons began to implore him, saying, "If you cast us out, send us into the herd of swine." [32] And he said to them, "Go." And when they come out of the bodies of men, they entered those swine: and, behold, the whole herd rushed down the steep bank into the sea, and perished in the waves. These are two passages in the Gospel that speak of the devil but my testimony is crucial because I have really know the unknowable and I can prove it to the whole world in irrefutable way if the Church allows me.


Devil and sin are the cause of all ills of the humanity. The sin damage the soul of the man and give the devil the right to impose a death degree to created equal to death degree of the of sin. Like a cancer increases eating the healthy cells in the same way Satan increases the deformation of his spirit devouring the energy that vivifies the created and the body of the creatures. The equilibrium of the world and its creatures are related to the degree of perfection of the man to whom God has subjected all things. More increase the sin, more increase the forms of aggressiveness and death in the animal kingdom (food Chain), the ravages in the environment (climate changes, earthquakes, floods, desertification etc.) and illness, disease, famine and disasters fall on innocent creatures                   to give the time to the sinners to convert  and to be saved from the eternal damnation. That's why exist the food chain, children are born sick, suffer diseases and calamity and epidemics affecting the innocent creatures. The Lord intervenes continuously for the salvation of the sinners and the preservation of the species but the sins have grown to the point that is becoming impossible any possibility of balance also because the death degrees of the human activities (hunting, fishing, slaughter, deforestation, pollution) prevent it. At that rate the sins will begin to fall on sinners and will be the ruin: catastrophes, epidemics, calamity, wars. Without protection of the Rosary it is impossible to understand these things because devil blocks the faculties and through the channels of the throat, the sense and the intellect (reason and logic), drag the sinners to the disbelief until the dementia to hide himself and hide the truth. Religions, philosophy, theology, psychology, sociology = hot air. Schools of thought created by the devil to hide the truth and divide the people. Ideals, values, beliefs and traditions = suggestions. Work, money and law = slavery. Whoever builds a building without a foundation sooner or later they will see crumble on itself. As the real economy will collapse (as anticipated from March 2008 to the national and international media and institutions, has an origin very precise and will be irreversible) the U.S. secrets service invoke the devil (as with Viet-Nam … Iraq ) to enkindle the minds and unleash wars at home the other until to involve China (III World War). Then it they will use the military bases to defend ourselves but only to attract a deluge                of fire on Europe. So we will burn in death holocaust to Satan and their will return to dominate the world. But this time ...  It is necessary that the American people and the whole world know the truth before it  is too late.



I can prove everything in irrefutable way but

I need your help because the Church prevents it



Disbelief kills every intelligence and not just

From my diary: Italy - February 7, 2009 13:30 – Are years that I report these things to no avail.  I send a copy to hundreds of Web Carabineer stations, several national newspapers (Corriere della Sera) the President of the Italian Republic, the leaders of the Church (card. Tarcisio Bertone) and an army of religious. This time with the title: I can wake from a coma Eluana Englaro if the Church authorizes me.  Silence. February 9, 2009. Eluana dies of dehydration. But life is not first of all?



If you help me I can wake up from the coma

Michael Schumacher and many others like him.



Why do I need the permission of the Church?

 "Marco16 [17] And these signs will accompany those who believe : In My name they will cast out demons , they will speak with new tongues [18] They shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them they shall lay hands on the sick and they will recover " faith is not credulity and ignorance but simplicity and curiosity that lead to prayer and seeking the truth until the real knowledge of God, the devil, sin and the powers of the spirit.


One day the disciples came to Jesus to report a man casting out demons in his name: "Marco9 [38] John said to Jesus: Master, we saw someone casting out demons in your name, and we forbade him, because he was not of us. "[39] But Jesus answered them: Do not prevent him, for there is no one who does a miracle in my name and can immediately speak evil of me". As if to say:  "Do not prevent him because I can act only through those who have faith in my name." Knowing what would have done the devil Jesus warned them because, by virtue of the power conferred on the Church, whatever thing they establish in earth is law in heaven "Matthew 18 [18] In truth I tell you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."  In defiance of the order of N. S. Jesus Christ (the word of God is verb and law of life) in 1985 the Cardinal Joseph Ratzingher has established the exact opposite (can.1172)" No one can legitimately utter liberation if he has not obtained the local ordinary special and express permission. The local ordinary is to give this permission only to a presbyter who has piety, of knowledge, prudence and integrity of life". In short, without permission of the Bishop any baptized person can act in the name of God. A rule useful only to the devil. Not only. What is more difficult to leave a possessed person, heal a sick or to move a hill? That's why Jesus explained: "there is no one who does a miracle in my name ..." Freeing a man possessed nothing more than a miracle. It means that does not exist healers and exorcists but the Saints that do the two things together because to act is always God with His Spirit. Anyone who says he had freed a man possessed and   similarly does not heal immediately any disease and infirmity is nothing more than a victim of the evil who deceives himself and others. How can the Church establish a license of holiness if only God knows our faith? The canon 1172 is an act of pride that goes against the will of God, did fall into sin the Church (the most severe because against the Holy Spirit) kills the faith and enchains the saints.


 Are 13 years that I report this and other errors to the Church and the religious pretend anything. Why?  Are they deaf, blind, dumb? No, they are demented. Neglect the daily recitation of the Rosary to the point that the demon drags them to trample the highest good to hide itself and hide the truth. I turn to you because the heads of the Church use the canon 1172  to prevent me from showing the truth to hide scandals and shames.


Who am I?

I am a catholic that in the year 2000 - after a series of unexplained events that have destroyed my family - has began to pray and make some researches over the human faculties, devil, sin and the sense of Christ Passion.               A long history. A road full of pitfalls. A ordeal of tribulations and suffering that have directed me at the prayer and the study of the Jesus word (not of his disciples because they followed the Jewish tradition and suffered the influence of the malignant) until to arrive to discover the unknowable. The unknowable is everything we cannot see, perceive and understand without the help of God because a “force” that acts on our faculties prevents it. To begin to understand we say that the truth is the exact opposite of what we think, see and believe. Our mind is like a bottle. If we fill it of lies there is no space  for the truth. What we can understand with the reason, see with the eyes and perceive with the senses is only one part of the world that surrounds us. Only through the prayer is possible to go further, reach the  degree of perfection of the saints and see what is hidden from the eyes and at the reason of sinners. The source of my information is CERTAIN and I can prove it mode incontrovertibly.


I do not ask you to believe me on the word (in the absence of prayer is impossible) but at least to give me the possibility to prove what  I say to know and to see because the leaders of the Church use the Canon 1172 to prevent it. Incredulous, corrupt and compromised the only thought that comes in their mind is the one that suggests the devil to stop me: "Crazy or saint who is it is cheaper to pretend nothing than risking an international scandal". But it is demented those who ask to prove the truth or those who opposed to lack of faith and fear?


Religion, philosophy, theology, psychology, sociology = hot air. Schools of thought created by the devil to hide himself, hide the truth and divide the people. Ideals, values, beliefs, traditions = suggestions. Work, money, laws = slavery. Anyone  who builds a house without a foundation, sooner or later, will it see collapse on itself. As well anticipated by Pope John Paul II the society of the future will be founded on truth of God and gratuity.                   But before it is necessary that collapse all the deceptions and lies that the devil has sown in the world to hide himself and divide the men. The things that you will find in my web page “The Sword of St. George” and “REPORT” are the beginning. Are 14 years that I fight a war against the hypocrisy and the stupidity of those who say to have faith in God and then do not believe in saints and miracles.  Sufferings, prayers and research have led me to the summit of knowledge. Now I can real liberate those whom the devil keeps imprisoned in the faculties (and no one notices) and heal immediately any disease and infirmity. Or, to the delight of children and the collapse of the proud, I can make flourish plants and trees dead, transform the petroleum in fresh water and the gold in the sand and to re-emerge from the abysses the wreck of the Titanic (lies at 4000 meters deep), make him stay afloat like a balloon, greet the world with 10 shots siren, start moving and reach a record time the port of departure (Southampton-GB-).



Let me have from Pontiff (the bishops cannot grant the permission to the faithful) the permission to act in the name of God or do to eliminate the rule 1172 that prevents it (a right that is received with the baptism of the Catholic Church to demonstrate with the wisdom of the word and the wonders of the spirit the truth of God).  


If I do not do the things that I promised let me what you want because I have killed your faith. Otherwise you do it at those who have kept me chained 13 years to hide scandals and shames and, since it wonders and miracles they do not come from the man but from God through his saints, listen to me because nothing will be as before. It will be the end of the papacy, the episcopate and of the Vatican. The Church will belong to the people. The religious who they will remain they will become living prayers. The Truth will no longer be a religion, a belief, a cultural tradition, but the foundation of the company in the world to come. All people they will know, all people will love, all people will teach, all people will put it into practice.


 An Italian religious who "frequents" the Vatican (for years have received reports from my hands) advised me to take out the part about Benedict XVI with these words: "it is easier to give you the permission".  Why should I hide the truth to obtain the permission to prove it?


Jesus knew that towards at the end of the time the Church would have fallen into the hands of the evil one and pointed what would be the sign: Matt. 24 [15] When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place - let the reader understand - [16] Then let them which are in Judea flee to the mountains, [17] who is on the housetop not come down to take anything out of the house, [18] and who is in the field not turn back to take his cloak. [19] Woe to pregnant women and nursing mothers in those days. [20] But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter or on the Sabbath.


Is there anything more abominable of a serial killer pope remain in the holy place?



To make me known I reproduce below some traces of my book:


The Sword of St. George

“Jesus is the Son of God His wealth is infinite. Yet it is come into the world as a poor and lived all his life in poverty. Why? Simple because the world, because of sin, is the only part of the universe that does not belong yet

to God, but to Lucifer. Jesus and his mother lived with the bare necessities to live and carry out their mission of salvation. Lucifer, invisible but always present, through the sinners did everything to impoverish, isolate them and stop them. Jesus came into the world to make known to the men the truth that the world ignores and earn the means of grace for the salvation of sinners. In order not to to upset the beliefs and give scandal the Lord has gone along with the prophets and prophecies of the Jewish tradition and at the same time sowed the seeds of truth. That's why he said: ”5 [37 ] And no one puts new wine into old wineskins ; otherwise the new wine will burst the skins , and it will be spilled , and the skins will be destroyed . [38] The new wine must be put into new wineskins”.

Jesus did not put new wine into new wineskins but in old wineskins. He Has cast down the truth of God into the lie of the Jewish tradition to destroy it. The Lord knew exactly how much would have lasted throughout the centuries the lie of the Jewish tradition and the error of his Church that following  it would fall into error and in his word has left several sentences misunderstood  so that, in' now established by the Father, the world know the truth and collapse all lies and deceptions of Lucifer: the Old Testament, the religions, the sciences , the medicine, the theology, the philosophy, false appearances (God never leads and secrets mysteries but only truth and salvation ) to all that impresses the minds and confuses the hearts ( ideals, values, beliefs, traditions , voices, dreams, ecstasy , premonitions , etc. ). A demonstration of this reality is the TRANSFIGURATION. Matthew 17 [1] Six days later Jesus took with him Peter, James, and John his brother, and brought them on the sidelines, on a high mountain. [2]And he was transfigured before them; his face shone like the Sun, and his garments became white as light. [3]And there appeared unto them Moses and Elijah, talking with him. [4]Peter then took the floor and said to Jesus, "Lord, it's nice for us to be here; If you want, I will make three tents here, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah. " [5]He was still talking when a bright cloud enveloped them with his shadow. And suddenly a voice saying, ' this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. Listen To Him». [6]On hearing this, the disciples fell with his face to the ground and were taken from great fear. [7]But Jesus came and touched them, and said, Arise, and be not afraid. " [8]Lifting my eyes not seen none, except Jesus only. [9]And while they descended from the mountain, Jesus ordered them: "don't speak to anyone of this vision, until the son of man is risen from the dead." [10]Then the disciples asked him, "why then do the scribes say that Elijah must come first?" [11]And he answered: "Yes, Elijah and will restore all things. [12]But I say unto you, that Elijah has already come, and they have recognized; Indeed, they have treated as wanted. So also the son of man must suffer for their work. " [13]Then the disciples understood that he spoke to John the Baptist.


Why he ordered to the disciples not to tell anyone about the vision on the mountain until the day of His Resurrection? Simple: Jesus was not yet raised from the dead how could Moses and Elijah have anticipated?   From the time of Adam and Eve no human being had ascended into heaven except for the son of God descended for the salvation of sinners. Gio. 3 [13] no one has ascended into heaven, but the son of man who came down from heaven. Nobody could rise from the dead because the original sin prevented him. Free from the original sin, remained untouched by sin all their lives, the death could not keep that was free of guilt and Jesus is risen from the dead. From the time of Adam and Eve until the day of the Passion the death (even the holy souls in limbo as Joseph, Mary's parents Joachim and Anne and John the Baptist) were waiting to be resurrected to life by Jesus.               It is He who has won the sin and death and opened the doors of Heaven.  That took on if all degrees of death of sins by becoming himself the resurrection and the life. The disciples did not yet know what it was the resurrection and the vision on the mountain appeared to be the work of God. But after his death Jesus showed himself in flesh and blood to the disciples and everyone understood what he meant when he spoke of resurrection.  The Transfiguration of the Lord's face, the appearance of Moses and Elijah, and the voice of God so they were all deceptions of Lucifer and his demons who had impersonated to tie Jesus to the prophets and the prophecies of the Jewish tradition.  A confirmation is also the answer of Jesus about the coming of the prophet Elijah. No Elijah but John the Baptist was the man that had to prepare the way to the Lord as laid down by the Father in the book of life. From book of the (in heaven there are no secrets and mysteries , but only truth ) Lucifer knew that Jesus would come into the world to bring a water baptism for the forgiveness of sins, and from the beginning he anticipated to the prophets the coming of the Messiah for tie it to the prophecies of the Jewish tradition and hide the lie and the horrors of burnt offering and bloody rites which for centuries he was serve done by the priests impersonating God and deceiving the prophets. I should explain other things but it is still early. For the moment, let's say that the only true heavenly apparition of the whole Bible is that the Father could give to the shepherds of the flock on the night of the birth of His Son N.S. Jesus Christ”.


“Every sin is a death degree that reverse the characteristics of purity, perfection and love imprinted by the Father to the creature. The demons are the demonstration of this reality. They were angels of Paradise.  Tamed by sins they have destroyed all traces of life energy of the spirit transforming itself in evil beings impregnated of hatred towards God and the life. Now they live as trees uprooted and planted upside down with the branches sunk into the ground and the roots to the sun. They suffer, hate the life and try to drag, through sin, the greatest number of the souls to their own downfall. Jesus is the Son of God. His divine spiritual substance is the source of the life energy. Only He can regenerate the energy destroyed by the sins and to resurrect to eternal  life the creatures death in the sin. But every transfer of energy causes a suffering equal to the degree death of sin is removed.  That's why he died on the Cross. He could have chosen a different death. He chose the road of greatest suffering to earn for us the highest degree of merit, taking upon himself all death degree of sins, resurrected to eternal life the sinners dead in sin from Adam and Eve until the day of His Passion, open the gates of Heaven to the souls of the Purgatory and of the Limbo and offer the same possibility of salvation to all sinners who were in the world and would come later. Jesus has fully realized the Father's project of salvation. With the Passion has raised to the eternal life all damned souls and gained the means of grace for the salvation of the sinners. With the unjust death (as for the sin of Adam and Eve, Lucifer had closed the gates of Heaven to all humanity in the same way for the innocence of Jesus condemned without any right - without original sin has remained unspoilt by the sin lifetime - they had to be reopened) had opened  the gates of Heaven who Satan had closed also to all souls purified of the purgatory and the limbo as the childrens and the righteous St. Joseph, Joachim and Anne parents of Mary and John the Baptist. With the Cross Satan had lost allsouls of the hell, purgatory and limbo but still had all sinners who were in the world and would come later. To save also these sinners the Lord would have due periodically go back in the world and up on the Cross to assume their sins. Jesus knew it and before he died he established the baptism for the forgiveness of the sins and the Holy Communion then, as he ascended to heaven, he has began to relive the sufferings of the Passion to offer the same possibility of salvation to all sinners who were and would come in the world after by virtue of the baptism, through the confession and the assumption of full Eucharistic communion. That's why he said: "Gio.6 [51] I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread shall live forever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world ". [53]"Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. [54] He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life and I will raise him up at the last day". The last day is not the day of judgment but the last day of our earthly life: the moment of death. There will never be a day of judgment for two simple reasons: 1) Mat. 8 [21] Another of his disciples said, "Lord, let me first to go and bury my father." [22] Jesus said to him, "Follow me and let the dead bury their dead”The words of Jesus are clear: the dead do not sleep waiting for the final judgment and the resurrection of the body but they are alive and in our midst. After the death of the body the life goes on. For those who kept the health of the soul to the eternal joys; for the one who has to clean up it from the sins committed in life to the sufferings of the purgatory; for those who have destroyed it to the tribulations of the eternal damnation. 2) The sinner is nothing more than a victim of the evil one. It is a sick son who needs to be helped and cured. What father judges and punishes a sick son? God in fact did not send his Son into the world to judge the sinners but to earn the means of grace to save them.  If the Lord could act freely would heal instantly the whole of humanity. Cannot do it because Satan is opposed. He is the master of the world until the end of time Gio 5 [19]. That's why Jesus told: “Matthew 5 [26] Truly I say to you, You will not come out from there up to when you will have not paid uttermost farthing”. Save the sinners and bring them to Heaven is the joy of God our Father but Satan will oppose and asks that they pay until the last penny the penalties of the sins committed in life. In Matthew 25 [31-46] Jesus speaks of the day of the judgment and hell and cites the example of goats and sheeps do not to remove the guilt and penalty of the sin but to educate the sinners to law of the love and to the need of the charity. Is the law the sting of death. The charity produces merit but does not eliminate the deformations of the sins. Only the Blood of Christ has this power. If with the charity was possible to eliminate sins and gain the eternal life who forego to buy, to blows of alms, a place in Paradise without having to pray, follow the law and the precepts of the Church? The eucharistic communion is the drug of eternal life. Its action is complete. The Body and Blood of N.S. Jesus Christ present in all Eucharistic celebrations of the world are not those of the Passion but of the Resurrection and have different functions. The Body (particular) heals and reinforces our contaminated by sin. The Blood (wine) eliminates the deformation of forgiven sins. The word of God is the law and verb of the life and nobody can change: "Matthew 26 [27] Then he took a cup, and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them, saying, "Drink ye all, [28] this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the remission of sins". Jesus is precise: not in particle but in the Eucharistic beverage is present the energy of the life which eliminates  from the soul the deformations of the forgiven sins. Without the assumption of the Eucharistic wine the deformations remain and, except for those  who have benefited from some plenary indulgence of the Catholic Church, they must to be eliminated by their sufferings in purgatory. In this regard is good to know who dies in sin who destroys all life energy of the soul. Until is present a minimum track of energy of the life there is salvation because, as a powerful yeast, has the power to regenerate that was destroyed by the sin. The spontaneous contrition of  sins is long and painful (80 years of sin = 80.000 years of purgatory. Confirmed by Pope Boniface VII, Benedict XIII and Maria Valtorta) but at the end completely it has been recovered and it is entered in Paradise. Understand the sense of the Christ's Passion is of fundamental importance for the salvation of the sinners and the create and for not continue to inflict suffering to our Savior. The sins forgiven do not vanish into thin air but they transfer from the soul of the sinner to the body  of Jesus as hits of scourge. How many times we want to crucify Christ with our sins? The religious who say to recite the rosary and then, with a sneer on his lips, respond to the faithful: "Rosaries, crowns and litanies are popular devotions”; “ Devil and hell not exist";"Jesus has conquered the sin and the death and all Christians go to the heaven";”Man has free will and can choose their own good or just bad”;"God is love and mercy infinity and do not looking our sins but the charity because he wants that we learn to help and love us" are preparing a nice place to hell. All that away from prayer and the sacraments is not from God but from the devil. Sin has not been eliminated but win by Jesus. Who wants to earn the eternal life must do the same thing. The Decalogue of the Father is the moral basis to move up the scale of perfection degrees that lead to the holiness. Who themselves opposes falls in the imperfection until at the ungodliness and dies in the sin. Resurrection of the dead and sanctification are two different things.”


“God is infinite love who from nothing create anything with absolute perfection. Is love become God who gives the life to the creatures because they will lived it fully and not to turn it into a food product. The death, on the contrary, is an imperfection that comes from the sin. Offer expiatory sacrifices (at the evil is repairs with the good and not with the evil) and feed the body of the creatures are things that not come from God but from devil. Is Satan the author of the sin and the death. A crazy spiritual creature that,  by virtue of sin, it feeds of the life energy that the Holy Spirit infuse into the universe to vivify the matter and the body of the creatures because that of the spiritual substance is unassailable and eternal. The Gospel tell an important episode “Mark 5 [6] when he saw Jesus from afar, he ran and fell at his feet, [7] and screaming loudly said, "What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I charge you, in the name of God, do not torment me! ". [8] he would say," Get out, unclean spirit, and of the man ". [9] And he asked," What is your name? ". "My name is Legion, answer him, for we are many." [10] And he begged him earnestly not to send them out of the country. [11] Now there was there on the mountain, a large herd of pigs pasture. [12] and the spirits begged him, "Send us to the swine, that we may enter into them." [13] he gave them leave. and the unclean spirits came out and entered the swine, and the herd rushed down the steep into the sea, were about two thousand and one after the other drowned in the sea”. Jesus knew exactly what would happen and gave the permission to enter into the pigs (confirmation that the evil cannot act freely and everything is under the control of God) only to make us understand as are the demons: spiritual creatures crazy to the point that, if they could act freely, destroy in an instant the whole world. The world was the Earthly Paradise. The death is entered in the world through the sin. Before the fall of Adam and Eve did not exist the carnivores because did not exist the death. The historical dating Radiocarbon C14 is wrong as all theories on the origin of the life. Giant dinosaurs, tyrannosaurus, etc. did not come in the word first but after Adam and Eve. Are a consequence of their sins.  Genetic alterations made ​​by malicious on the plant, animal kingdom and even the men (human races, giants). God is absolute perfection who create from nothing anything according laws that give order, beauty, harmony and eternal life to the creation. The soul is the spiritual substance of living creatures. Its energy is stable and eternal. Only the sin can overthrow it in an opposite force (death) but nothing can destroy. Life so it is a gift that lasts forever eternal: to the joys of heaven for those who avoid sin and to eternal damnation for those who becomes a slave. To sin is not offend God and receive a punishment. To sin is an act against the law of the life that causes a precise death degree of the soul (spiritual deformation) and loss of the domain of the faculties (dementia) and endows  to the devil (adhesion to evil) the right to inflict a death degree to the body of the sinner equal to the death degree of the sin. The energy of the life is similar to a powerful leaven capable of regenerating that destroyed by the sins. Until in the soul there is trace of life energy there is salvation. Who dies in this condition prevents the eternal damnation and ends up in purgatory to heal, by their sufferings, the deformations of the sins committed in life (the spontaneous contrition of the sins is long and painful and can get to 80.000/90.000 earthly years). To recapitulate the sin affected the life energy of the soul, deforms the spiritual substance, drag to dementia and endows to the evil the right (adherence to evil) to inflict a death degree to the body of the sinner equal to the death degree of the sin. Is evident that Satan if could act free, by virtue of sins, would kill all sinners and no one would to be saved from the eternal damnation. Is only to give time to sinners to repent and to be saved from the eternal death that the Lord permits to the devil to download the death degrees of the sins on innocent creatures. That's why there is the food chain, born sick creatures and with genetic alterations, we suffer diseases and calamities and disasters and wars break down on the weakest. But all this has a limit. When the sinners, persisting in the sins, come to destroy every trace of life energy of the soul, exhausted every possibility of salvation, the Lord intervened and Satan - cannot download the death degrees of the sins on innocent creatures - kill the sinners. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah are the demonstration of this reality. The devil is a spirit creature death in the sin. It is crazy. Is like a tree uprooted and planted down with the branches sunk into the ground and the roots at the sun. Suffers and hates God and the life. Is a being impregnated of pride, falsehood and wickedness. He has the full dominion of the matter and the faculties of the creatures and  can take any shape and appearance (other than UFOs). Is astute, shrewd and rapid. Has already prepared the scientists to what will happen for inflicting death degrees to the created and hide himself to eyes of the reason. Disasters, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, desertification, hunger and wars come from the devil.  Nothing happens at the case and the matter cannot be set in motion by itself. The balance of the world and its creatures are related to the degree of perfection of the man to whom God has put all things. How to increase the sins increase the forms of aggressiveness and death in the animal kingdom (food chain), the climate change and the devastation environmental and calamities, illnesses, misfortunes and wars affect men. The Lord intervenes continuously for the salvation of sinners and the preservation of species, but the sins are growing to the point that it has becoming impossible any form of balance because the death degrees of the human activities (hunting, fishing, slaughter, pollution, deforestation) the prevent. At this rate will begin to fall upon the sinners and will be the ruin: epidemics, disasters, calamities, hunger and wars. Is necessary to fight the sin and pray for the sinners to take away every power to the devil but also to change mentality and respect the creation to avoid the disaster. The animals - from the most simple to the more complex creatures - are not food products but living creatures. They have a degree of perfection lower to man but for the rest are equal: understand, suffer, rejoice, have feelings etc. Are all creatures destined to the eternal life because do not know the sin and conserve intact the spiritual substance (is for this reason that the Lord sacrifices this creatures to give the time to the sinners to repent and to be saved from the eternal death) while the man with the sins deform the soul and risk the eternal damnation. The commandment "Do not kill" is not limited to men but to all living creatures because where there is the life there is God with His Spirit. Kill intentionally a creature is a sin means which deprives energy of life, deforms the spiritual substance, increases the degree of dementia of the sinner  and endows to the devil the right to impose an additional death degree to the created: kill another creatures. Feed the bodies of the animals is a primitive and evil behavior which destroys the created and steals energy to God. Are incalculable damage. It is necessary to avoid the sin for preserve the health of the soul, conserve the domain of the faculties, prevent at the malignant to inflict death degrees on the created and pray for the sinners to save them from the eternal damnation but also change eating habits and abide the created for not destroy the life and inflict suffering to the creator (any grade of death is a theft of energy to God). Only by removing every power to the devil (fighting sin) is possible to bring back the life to its original splendor. Enough to want it and taking a step towards the Truth. Then the animals will approach to the men, the carnivores return herbivores, disappear the genetic alterations made ​​by malicious and nothing will be poisonous and harmfulSt.George 


Pray the Rosary every day to be protected from the

evil one and the Crown of divine mercy to ward off

diseases, calamities, disasters, hunger and wars.



Pray for the living and the dead


The dead do not sleep in expectation of judgment but they are alive and in our midst. "Matt. 8 [21] Lord, let me go first and bury my father. [22] Jesus answered them, follow me, and let the dead bury their dead ". After the death of the body the life continues. At the joys of heaven for those who have guarded the health of the soul. At the torments of the hell for those who have destroyed it with the sins. At the pains of the purgatory for whoever has to clean up. The sinner is a victim of the devil. A sick child who needs to be cared for. Which Father judges and punishes a sick child? That's why Jesus said: "Matt. 5 [26] does not come out of there until you have paid the last penny!". Save the sinners and bring them to the heaven is the joy of God but Lucifer opposes and asks that they pay until the last penny the pains of the sins committed in life. If our loved ones when they were alive were not the saints (perfect) now they are in purgatory. They are in world, see and hear everything and suffer the impossibility to communicate with their loved ones. The healing (spontaneous contrition of the sins) is a long and painful process. A day of shame corresponds to about one thousand of penalty Pope Boniface VII, Benedict XIII, Urban VII, present in the writings of Maria Valtorta). It means that those who lived 80 years in sin take more or less than 80,000 years to eliminate the deformation of the soul. An endless tribulation. Only our masses and prayers can relieve and shorten their penis. In this regard Jesus dictated to Sister Mary Martha Chambon (1907) the prayer that follows with these words: "For every word I will let fall a drop of my blood on the soul of a sinner. The soul that will have honored my Holy Wounds and will be offered to the eternal father for the souls in purgatory, will be accompanied in death by the Blessed Virgin Mary and angels and I shine with the glory I get to crown her”. To the final invocation has been added an important revelation (from the Sword of St. George: “the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ has the power to resurrect life into everything that is dead in sin "Mar. 1 [24]”) that increase and extends the action of grace of the prayer to the entire created. George


As you recite

At the beginning:

Jesus, divine Redeemer, is merciful to us and to the whole world. Amen.

Holy God, mighty God, immortal God have mercy on us and the whole world. Amen.

Grace and mercy my God in dangers present cover us with your most precious blood. Amen. Eternal Father have mercy for the blood of Jesus Christ, your only son. Amen

I beseech you have mercy us. Amen. Amen. Amen


Then on all Rosary beads repeat:

My Jesus pardon and mercy for the merits of Your Holy Plagues


At the end of the Crown repeat three times:


Eternal Father I offer you the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ's join the prayers and sufferings of the Holy Trinity, the Blessed Virgin Mary and of all creatures in heaven and on Earth to heal and save (name of the deceased) and, to the same extent, all creatures living and dead in the sin.


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