From: Brian Allred
To: David Hinkins, Stuart Adams, Jim Dabakis, Scott Jenkins, Ralph Okerlund, Evan Vickers,
Subject: Gubernatorial appointments
Date: Fri May 09 19:31:55 MDT 2014

Members of the Senate Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Confirmation Committee


Attached is a list of gubernatorial appointments that fall under the review of the confirmation committee.  Senator Hinkins, chair of the confirmation committee, has asked that you review the attached material and contact him or me if you wish to meet to consider any of the appointments. 


If you wish to meet, please contact me or Sen. Hinkins by noon on Friday, May 16th. If you wish to contact me, you may respond to this email or call me at 801-538-1032.


Brian Allred

Policy Analyst

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel



Please note that certain personal information within a nominee's resume or other biographical data may, under the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), be classified as a private record. Information classified private under GRAMA and marked as private in this Advise and Consent email and attachments should not be distributed to other persons and should not be discussed in an open meeting. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you delete this email as soon as your need for it has been met.


In accordance with Utah Code Section 63G-2-302, "Private" information (stored in a state database) may include:

• Benefit eligibility • Library records

• Home address • Medical records• Home telephone number • Race

• Disabilities • Religion

• Finances • Social Security number

• Voluntarily provided • Voter registration record