From: Adrian Courtenay
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: HGH Infrared Systems' launches SPYNEL-X: A Solution for Wide Area Surveillance
Date: Fri May 09 13:10:33 MDT 2014


HGH Infrared Systems, a global provider of 360 degree thermal imaging systems, is proud to announce the debut of their newest solution for wide area surveillance, the SPYNEL-X, the world's highest definition IRST. The SPYNEL-X captures in real time, full panoramic images with an unequaled resolution.


SPYNEL-X is a unique passive wide-area surveillance system with automatic intrusion detection and tracking capabilities for an unlimited number of targets on land, air, and sea through all types of inclement weather. The SPYNEL-X provides powerful situational awareness with, by far, the longest detection range in its category at up to 8km for a person.  Thanks to its 120 Mpix panoramic visualization, any threat will be identified at any time from any direction, including hardly detectable targets such as: crawling men, RHIBs, low altitude air targets, UAVs and stealth aircrafts. HGH's SPYNEL-X replaces up to 90 HD MWIR cameras in one single sensor head. As a completely passive system, the SPYNEL-X is invisible to intruders and cannot be tricked by camouflage or jamming. It is the ultimate solution for wide area surveillance, continuous perimeter security, and critical infrastructure protection for FOBs, air and navy bases, ship auto-protection, oil & gas infrastructures, airports, ports, borders and coasts. 


The SPYNEL-X is the newest addition to the award winning SPYNEL series from HGH that have been deployed and proven since early 2007
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