From: Scott Rogers, Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Your Invited: Freedom Rally with Herman Cain - Saturday, May 17th, 12-4 PM - Mt. Pleasant, SC
Date: Sun May 04 23:40:57 MDT 2014

Come join Herman Cain on the U.S.S. Yorktown for the launch of an Article V campaign to propose and ratify three amendments to the U.S. Constitution which will provide our heroes in Congress with t he constitutional backing they need to return America to that shining city on a hill she once inhabited!

Tickets are free, but we encourage you to donate whatever you can to cover the cost of this event. For more information (including event speakers), please check out the event website.  

Order tickets via Eventbrite:

In Liberty,

Scott Rogers
Executive Director
Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force
P.O. Box 1261
Leesburg, VA 20177


We Demand a Balanced Budget


Citizens Against Government Waste


Families for America


National Tax-Limitation Committee


I Am American


The Jeffersonian Project


The Reagan Project

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