From: Adrian Courtenay
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Marshall Islands sues U.S., other nations for nuclear proliferation
Date: Mon Apr 28 12:22:33 MDT 2014
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April 28, 2014 


The Marshall Islands has filed suit against the U.S. and eight other nuclear nations for failing to live up to international agreements to dismantle their nuclear weapons. The Marshall Islands filed suit in the Hague, Netherlands -- accusing President Obama, the departments and secretaries of defense, energy, and the National Security Administration, among others. The U.S. and others are accused of modernizing their weapons -- which the plaintiff estimates at about $1 trillion over the next decade -- rather than seeking disarmament as agreed to by international treaties.  More 

Security and communications integrator G4S Technology, LLC has been awarded a contract to provide electronic security for the UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center currently under construction in La Jolla, CA. This innovative facility will house four hospitals in one location: the existing Thornton Hospital, the Hospital for Advanced Surgery, the Hospital for Cancer Care, and the Hospital for Women and Infants. G4S Technology was selected by the project's general contractor, Kitchell, to provide Access Control, a Video Management System, and an Infant Abduction System for the Center's Tower, Central Utility Plant and Kitchen. The technology is designed to ensure the safety and security of patients, visitors, employees and medical professionals operating and being treated at the facilities. More 


The temperate climate and bright sunny skies of California make it one of the most desirable states to live in or visit. While in the midst of a three-year drought, however, the warm air and clear skies of the state has become a dangerous liability, as the threat of fire has grown substantially. That's why so many property owners throughout the region have expressed their gratitude for the fire pump testing, installation, and many other services offered by Fire Protection Group (FPG), the company says. Led by renowned fire safety expert George Saadian, FPG ensures that owners and managers of public and private facilities alike are equipped with the proper measures to protect their investments and the people under their care. More    


CSX takes its "Safety Train: Emergency Preparedness Program" on the road


CSX, a Jacksonville, Florida based railroad transportation company, will offer the "Safety Train: Emergency Preparedness Program" to educate first responders. CSX will outfit a locomotive to include a classroom and educational resources to provide intensive training on emergency preparedness. "As the market for shipping crude oil has grown, so has our commitment to and responsibility for moving those shipments safely and efficiently," said Skip Elliott, the vice president of public safety, health, and environment. More 

Waltham, MA-based Raytheon Company has announced a new version of SureView, which includes new policy support features that enhance product capability for continuous monitoring and network auditing against insider threat and privileged user abuse.

With this release, commercial and federal organizations now have access to a Privileged User Monitoring and Auditing (PUMA) Policy Pack specifically designed to enable SureView to detect malicious acts and policy violations by privileged users that often go undetected. Additionally, this latest release includes SureView Spotlight, a software development kit that allows integration with best-of-breed analytic solutions. More 

"It is very common for ferries to be overloaded with passengers and cargo. There is a long history of that," said Brigadier General Michael C.H. McDaniel. McDaniel is currently a professor of constitutional law and homeland security law at the Thomas Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. He has over 26 years of experience in the Michigan National Guard and he is the former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Homeland Defense Strategy, Prevention and Mission Assurance. He also served as the Homeland Security Advisor to former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. More 

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