From: Mike McIntyre
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Online Database Launched in Ontario to Better Guide Transfer Students
Date: Thu Apr 24 18:41:09 MDT 2014
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Online Database Launched in Ontario to Better Guide Transfer Students

Dear Scott,

The Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT) in partnership with AcademyOne has launched the new Course-to-Course (C2C) Transfer Guide in order to enhance the student experience in the Province of Ontario, Canada. The C2C Transfer Guide, housed on ONCAT’s student website, builds on the existing Program Transfer Guide, an online database which enables students to search a block of credits from one completed program to a similar program at another institution. This recent expansion includes a centrally coordinated course equivalency database which provides students with the information they need to plan their postsecondary experience in Ontario’s postsecondary landscape of 44 publicly funded colleges and universities. Click Here to read more about the project.

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