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Subject: The science and art of video harvesting
Date: Mon Apr 21 15:24:54 MDT 2014
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April 21, 2014 


The science and art of video harvesting


Video harvesting is the process of delivering access to many dissimilar video systems in a standardized form, so that you can ingest any video feed into a master video system of any kind. An example of an environment where video harvesting might be valuable is a Safe City project, with a diverse mix of many different digital and analog video streams. Some of these might be state of the art and some could be older, legacy systems. 

Saint Louis, MO-based Observable Networks has officially entered the IT security market, offering a solution that empowers organizations to readily understand normal and abnormal device behaviors in their networks. Observable's Continuous Device Profiling (CDP) technology and cloud-based service platform uses real-time traffic sensors and automated security analytics to continuously model all devices on networks of any size. Observable's solution is indifferent to encryption and does not require recognition of threat signatures -- a growing problem with current security technologies. More

HID Global, the Austin, TX-based international provider of secure identity solutions, has announced that The Federal Republic of Somalia took another step toward the establishment of law and order with the launch of two new citizen ID programs: a new national ID card and e-passport. The ID documents and their supporting solutions were designed and implemented by an association of Oman's Al Madina Group, a leading security printer and systems integrator; Ebtikart Smart System, a leading solution provider with presence in Somalia; and HID Global.  




Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) has signed a historic $8.5 million agreement with the Israel National Cyber Bureau to develop CyberSpark, which includes a National Cyber Research Center adjacent to BGU's campus. CyberSpark was conceived as an innovative research and development ecosystem of major multinational corporations, business incubators, BGU researchers, Israel Defense Force units, and government agencies all operating out of the new Advanced Technologies Park in Beer-Sheva, Israel.  


SC Johnson, a producer of household cleaning products based in Racine, WI, has provided $350,000 in funding to the Village of Mount Pleasant (WI) Police Department to create a community-oriented policing (COP) house. The house will be a single family home that is used for community events, training programs, block watch meetings, and educational programs. In the future, the home may be offered to a family. Construction to build the property is expected to start in June 2014. More 

As part of Earthquake Preparedness month, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), a San Francisco based electric and natural gas utilities company, has announced its ongoing efforts to strengthen its facilities and preparedness for earthquakes. Some examples of the work PG&E does to strengthen its system include using more earthquake resistant circuit breakers and insulators in electric substations and replacing cast iron gas distribution lines with modern, plastic pipe that is more flexible and resilient. More    

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