From: Morning Consult
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Morning Consult Energy Sunday Edition: Politics May Impact How Voters See Energy Affordability
Date: Sun Apr 20 18:00:24 MDT 2014



Politics May Impact How Voters See Energy Affordability


by Emily Holden


Energy prices are complicated. And the transformation of the electric industry—thanks to a boom in domestic natural gas production, regulations on greenhouse gas emissions and a surge in renewable energy growth—has only made them harder to understand.


According to Morning Consult’s inaugural national energy tracking poll, Americans are especially confused about how much different energy sources cost. The survey found that nuclear power is the source Americans are least likely to associate with affordability, but historically, it has been cheaper than power from coal and natural gas. The polling data also suggests voters’ views on affordability may be influenced by their political opinions about energy production, as Democrats are more likely to see renewables as affordable, while Republican voters are more likely to think natural gas and coal are inexpensive. READ THE FULL STORY.



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8) Strange Bedfellows: Environmental Groups, Transmission Developers Working Together on Renewable Energy Projects
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9) Industry Opposes Push to Tighten Oil Field Safety Rules

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10) The Obama Administration Is Taking Another Try at the Program That Funded Solyndra
from National Journal by Ben Geman





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Tuesday: CSIS-USAEE conference on disruptive technologies @ 9:35 am

Tuesday: Cowboy & Indian Alliance kickoff of week-long protest event on Keystone XL pipeline @ 10 am

Tuesday: EPA teleconference on air standards for sulfur dioxide @ 1 pm

Tuesday: Brookings Institute webinar on clean energy finance through bond market @ 1 pm

Tuesday: Environmental Law Institute webcast on electricity consumption @ 2 pm

Tuesday: Quarterly Earnings—Arch Coal IncGulfmark Offshore Inc

Wednesday: Alliance Biofuels Conference @ 8:20 am

Wednesday: Armed Forces Communications & Electronic Association talks energy cybersecurity @ 8:30 am

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